Okay so Im suppost to be getting an LV surprise in the mail...but what can it be??

  1. sooo im expecting a surprise gift in the mail from my bf. but he wont tell me what it is and its killlllllling me. He said its LV and is between $400 and $600.

    and its something from my list of stuff.
    Here are all the things I wanted in that price range (which he could be tricking me with as well....hes sneaky like that)

    1.Damier Azur Speedy 25 (which i dont think it is cause of the waitlist)
    2.Monogram Zippy wallet (which i reallly really hope it is)
    3.Damier or Monogram Speedy 25 (which I hope its not cause i have the mono 30 and wanted the Damier 30 before I got any 25s)
    4. I feel like maybe it could be the Damier 30 even though thats a little over $600 but after he said its between $4-600 he said...or it could be $700. God hes fresh about it!
    5.hmmm actually ....i think thats it...thats in that price range that i wanted. everything else is a lot more.

    He said it was kinda a small thing cause our anniversary is next month and he wants it to be like presents galore....(in his case....tons of LV cause its like the only thing he gets me...its easy for him cause its something he knows ill like...sometimes its frusterating getting handbags every occasion though. lol. never any jewelry or anything...he says its too hard to pick out...okay enough...im rambling now.)

    Thanks in advance for your imput!!! I cant wait...the suspense is killing me....when i get it ill post it...and not with any of those darn teaser pics of the box and dustbag! hahaha
  2. I think its a speedy too!!! *fingers crossed*
  3. lol. i hope its either the damier speedy 30 or the monogram zippy wallet. i really need a wallet....im jammin everything in my poor cles he got me for christmas! lol. but i have wanted the damier speedy for a long time!
  4. okay okay...I'll keep my fingers crossed for the zippy wallet too...;) .

  5. lol. youre too cute! hahaha. I cant wait till anniversary time now!
  6. Oh I hope it is the wallet then! But a speedy will be so cute too!
  7. secretly i wish it was both! ahahhahaha im bad. but im sure ill have both by march. *devilish grin*
  8. I'll cross my fingers for you that its the wallet!! That would be great, that so sweet he is surprising you like that though! When is it arriving?
  9. *sigh* i do not know. but its not even comming to my house....hes getting is sent somewhere else. so that i dont sneak a peek. *pout face* he knows im terrible about it.
  10. I hope it's damier speedy! It's a beautiful bag! I want it!