okay, so i want...


Sep 10, 2006
I just got the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene on Thursday and I freaking love it!! I am bummed that mine doesn't sag very much:sad::sad: Weird huh?? I also carry a Mini Lin zippy wallet, Mini Lin cles, two VERY light Vera Bradley make up bags and a phone..I LOVE the 30, I was really afraid it would be too big but it's not once you get everything in there!! I would love a dune too, I am thinking about it..the bucket is very pretty, not too old for you. I am 30 and I would carry anything in the Mini Lin line, it's my favorite..Go for the speedy, plus it's $300 less!!


May 28, 2007
Hee.. I love the bucket was thinking abt it in dune when it launch .. but the super light coloring kinds of put me off in the last sec... hee if u think u are careful with bags and not a sloppy person like me.. you should go for it.. I just love how it looks...

I got the Ebene speedy last year. I love it love it love it.. I was never a fan of speedies but after that I acquired 2 more speedies the denetelle and the damier azur, thinking of adding more to my collection in the near future.. May be the new purple epi.. !

But the bucket do looks really cute.. esp you have a petite frame.. it wil just look oh so cute.. !! Keep us update with what u got!