okay, so i want...

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  1. that is like my middle name now, seriously. every other word outta my mouth is "i want..."! lol. anyway. so i decided i WANT something in mini lin. it would be between the speedy or the bucket. the only problem is, i love the speedy but i know it only comes in the 30 and i am afraid this is just too big for me :sad: what do you ladies fill yours with? i don't carry a lot...my speedy 25 is more than big enough for me. i know some people love the "speedy sag" but i am just not a fan. plus i am 5'2'' so i hope it won't look too big on my frame. i want to buy as soon as possible, which would mean it would be the speedy cuz i would have those funds first. $975 for bucket, $675 for speedy. the bucket is cute but i just don't know if it is very popular at all...esp for my age group. i'm 22...is it too old-looking? i tend to go for handheld bags rather than shoulder bags. and color. i LOVE dune, but by the time i buy it we may be getting into fall. who loves dune, and who loves ebene? anyone with any suggestions would be REALLY appreciated! thanks.
  2. no one has any say about mini lin? :sad:
  3. I think the 30 is perfect, I'm 5'2 also and actually feel like the 25 is too small for me. I guess I'm just a bigger bag type of person...I never actually FILL the bag entirely, I just get the 30's as a matter of preference. If my Cerises had been a 30 I would have been happier.
    Anyway the Dune should be fine at any time of the year and also, it doesn't really matter if a certain bag doesn't seem popular, if you like it, go for it!
  4. Hi! I was thinking of getting a Dune or Ebene Speedy 30 Mini Lin a couple of days ago (to get my LV fix before Miroir Lockits come out). When my SA showed them to me, I wasn't a fan because of the MAJOR sag factor. Pretty bag, but the sag was just too much for me to handle.

    The bucket is cute, but I am not a fan of open-top bags so I passed on that, too.

    I'm not helping you, am I? LOL Both colors are really nice. Perhaps someone who actually owns a Mini Lin will pipe in soon. Good luck!!
  5. lol well, i know i can put one of those cardboard type things for the speedies at the bottom, so maybe that might help with the sag? i hope so. i mean the vavin pm reminds me a lot of the bucket style, but the reason why i like that bag is because it is hand-held, not shoulder. i dunno. i guess i will have to wait to find out but if i can come home in a couple weeks with my amarante sunset blvd and something mini lin, i will be elated! but that probably will only be possible if i come home with the speedy. and rebecca, i love the big bags because they're definitely much more noticable. my only problem is that i don't carry a lot, so i will seriously have a wallet, a cles, my cell phone (which is smaller than a razr) and a lipstick. that stuff looks lost even in my MC trouville! lol.
  6. I have a problem with the cardboard thingy --- I hate putting something in my bag to make it more structured. To me the bag ought to already meet my needs without having to "alter" it somehow. This is the major reason I went for the white MC Rita instead of my dream bag, the white MC Speedy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Rita, too, but if the MC Speedy were a bit more structured, I would have gone for that in a jiffy.

    If I could ever get over the sag and the cardboard thingy, well, I suppose I could go for a Mini Lin Speedy in Dune. I'm hoping I can get over this "sag anxiety" when the black Suhalis come out. LOL I hope those have lots of blingy hardware to blind me from the sag. :p
  7. yesssssssss i am anxiously awaiting those speedies too! which is another reason that i'm like...maybe i should get a brown mini lin? i have a black suhali l'aimable so i was planning on a white suhali speedy if i can swing that for my birthday, so if i got the mini lin speedy in dune it is also very light. plus i have an azur speedy. i don't need all light speedies...but i dunno.

    but the structure thing doesn't bother me. i want my bags to be more structured and if i have to add a cardboard thing at the bottom it doesn't bother me. i heard the suhali speedy is supposed to be more structured, and i imagine in suhali it should be. but i want lots of hardware toooooo!!!! lots and lots! :biggrin:
  8. Lol don't feel bad. All I carry is my Groom PTI wallet, a small makeup bag, tiny purell bottle, compact, change purse and my keys in a 4 key holder. It's hilarious how much extra space I have!
  9. I think you should go for the Mini Lin Bucket... the Bucket looks BEST in Mini Lin, IMO. :tup:
  10. i'm gonna try both of 'em, but honestly the mini lin was an extra purchase i wasn't counting on, so i'm kinda not liking that i can't chose between the speedy and the bucket because for an unplanned purchase the cheaper one is always the one i hope i'll like best. lol i'm having to come up with these funds somehow since i'm purchasing like 4 other things this summer. haha. i hope i like the speedy better!!!!

    but thanks for everyone's input :biggrin:
  11. keep us posted on what you get :smile:
  12. i will :biggrin: i hope to come home in a couple weeks from the city with my amarante sunset blvd AND something mini lin :yahoo:
  13. I adore the mini lin (so understated) and if I hadn't just bought a mono speedy 30 a month ago, I might be looking at the ebene ones myself. I'd be afraid of the Dune, looks too easy to get dirty!
    I'm about your same height and I love the 30. I caved and put a cardboard insert in the bottom because I really hate sagging. :nogood:
    At 21, I can understand your concern about the bucket being out of our age bracket, trend wise. But let's face it, not that many young women are fortunate enough to carry authentic LV, my point being that you could rock the bucket if you wanted to. The speedy arguably is the more fashionable piece though.
    This didn't help did it? I'm sitting on the fence, sorry!
  14. I personally really like mini lin. I love how the Speedy in ebene kinda looks old-ladyish, don't shoot me but it reminds me of an elegant grandmother's bag that she passed onto the next generation or something. I hope that makes sense. Normally I hate saggy Speedies but for some reason, the sag in the mini lin doesn't bother me as much and I don't find it as noticeable, but someone on here (I think it's beljwl) suggested using a DVD case on the bottom to get rid of sag. At first I was totally drawn to the dune colour, but with time I started to think the ebene colour had more depth. Anyway, I am sure you will love whatever you end up getting, keep us posted!
  15. i think i'm going to end up going with a speedy. i will still try the bucket and hope hope hope i don't end up liking it more, lol but i just don't know what color speedy i would want. i loveeeee the dune color but is it more noticably LV in ebene? KWIM? my friend had a good point about the bucket, i thought it might be a little too old-looking for me but she said the dune color made it look younger. but i will make my own cardboard thing for the speedy, proably take a small piece of wood, cover it in fabric that's the same color as the lining of the speedy and just do it that way.