Okay, so I just received a cerises cles from let-trade and......

  1. it wreaks of mothballs :yucky: Other than that it is in really good condition and it shipped out to me really quick (it took about 4 days).

    Anyone else have the mothball experience, and if so, does the smell go away?
  2. i love let trade yea thay have that prob sometimes but otherwise i dont complain cuz of their GREAT deals
  3. I've heard that the "mothball" smell is a chronic problem for Hong Kong bags- something to do with the humidity I believe.
  4. My first eBay LV purchase smelled of mothballs (not LT) and this what help get rid of the unpleasant odour. I sprayed my fav cologne on a tissue paper, put the tissue paper and LV bag on a oversize ziploc bag; sealed it for a day, open the bag to air it for three hours. Repeat the process twice. Now, my bag smell like my fav cologne.

    If this does not help, try looking up other LV lovers' ideas on the "Mothballs" thread. Good luck
  5. While I'm hoping the smell goes away, I do like my new cles a lot and the transaction went smoothly. Here's a pic!
  6. that is so funny! I was going to buy that cles but since I have had such a prob with let-trade and the smell problem I didn't want to take the chance!!! It also happened when I bought my mono speedy 30 from authentic lvlady...has to be a hong kong thing. Such great deals though!

    I ended up putting dryer sheets in my items and now they smell nice. I wish there was no smell at all but this is way better!
  7. the smell will go away... stuff it with one dryer sheet and wrap one up and let it air out outside!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I guess the cles is a good trial to see how it works out before I buy anything large from let-trade. I can't imagine a whole bag smelling like that. My DH always says I have a superhuman sense of smell though, so maybe it's just me.
  9. well, congrats on your purchase and good luck with the mothballs smell ;)
  10. Congratulations on your purchase i hope the moth ball smell goes away.
  11. The cles is really pretty, but I hope the mothball stench goes away.
  12. Odd, all the items i've got from hong kong and never had this issue. Many of the items from let -trade.
    I"m sure if you're able to put in an airy place for a bit you'll be ok, perhaps spraying it with febreeze and setting outside will help. I know Irene has done this and its worked.
  13. Same thing happened to me when I bought from LT. Made me always want to buy new!
  14. Awww... it's so cute! I kinda miss mine. :sad:

    Sorry about the moth smell.