Okay.. So I have a little dilemma.

  1. (As from my other thread I made here)

    I bought a Large Carly Signature bag yesterday.. But i'm not sure if its too big for me? I don't have *that* much stuff to put in it.. but I also don't want to be limited in how much stuff I could be able to put into it..
    I've been thinking about returning it for a Medium Carly.. but wonder if it's worth it? How big of a different are the two bags? ><
    I'm also afraid of the Medium strap to be to short to put over my arm comfortably.. because I need to be able to reach into my purse while it's still on my shoulder n stuff..

    TIA. ^^;
  2. If you don't have enough stuff to load it up with then get the medium. I have a medium and a large. I was never swayed by the large but I only bought it because it was 50% off at the outlet. I could never use it a a purse because I can't fill it. I use it mainly as an overnight bag or in the place of a backpack/duffle bag when travelling. Otherwise, my medium is the perfect size for a purse for me. I can fill it just right because I too, don't carry too much with me. I could NEVER fill my large carly with my purse things cuz I dont carry much around to begin with. I still don't understand why everyone buys the large and carries it around as a purse?!? What do they carry around with them that could fill such a large space? I'm always curious when I see it and I wonder why they need to lug around that much stuff, especially when simply shopping at the mall. What's in there? a first aid kit and defibrillator? Anyways, I think the medium is a cute shape and fits nicely under the arm. :heart:
  3. I agree with jeweltutu - you should take it back and get the medium if the large is too big for everyday use. I don't think the shoulder strap drop should be much of an issue considering how much the bag slouches when it is being worn.
  4. Thanks guy for the info!
    I did some thinking before heading out to return it if I wanted to. Went to my nearest Macy's and looked at the medium.. It's much smaller than I expected!
    And way to small strap for me. ^^;
    Just gonna keep my large!
    Thanks guys!
  5. Scratch that!

    Decided to get the medium.. Large was big.. but TOO big! xD

    Here she is with her cute little scarf and charm!
  6. :woohoo::drool::tup: Verrrrry nice!
  7. I agree. I have the same fear about the size of the large. I don't usually carry that much stuff on a day-to-day basis, unless I am travelling. That can come in handy with children, though. You never know what you'll need when kids are in tow!
  8. ^^Oh sorry. Sometimes it would help if I read the whole thing! :yes:
  9. Your Carly looks really cute with the scarf & charm. Congrats!
  10. YAY!!!! You will LOVE the medium! I, personally, REFUSE to carry large bags anymore after lugging a HUGE diaper bag around for 6 LONG years!!!!!!! I'm finally free of the diaper bag days, and now I will ONLY carry medium purses....though I did have to "try" the large Carly!!! LOL... didnt we ALL?? LOL... It didnt work for me either! WAY TOO BIG!! I just cant fill those size bags anymore! And now that my youngest is going to Kindergarten full time in 2 weeks, I can FINALLY use medium purses now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, I must say, I am REALLY enjoying them...ALL of them!!! LOL... Your new Carly is STUNNING! congrats and ENJOY her!!!! BTW....GREAT color choice!!!
  11. That bag is gorgeous!
  12. I have it in brown Signature and love it!! Congradulations
  13. Yep, I had the large and although it slouches it was still way bigger than I would ever need.. I got the medium and I LOVE her!!! Good Choice!! :tup:
  14. I bought the large Carly and ended up swapping it for the medium. The large one was just too big - and too heavy. The medium still holds plenty, and it fits very comfortably over the shoulder.
  15. Congrats on your new Carly.
    Love the color...yummy.