Okay, so I finally wore my $280 CL's...

  1. Remember the $280 Loubs that some of us got from NM a couple months back? Well, I finally wore mine to a party Friday night and I have to say, they were not very comfortable. These are my first pair and I wasn't impressed with the comfort level. I know a lot of you say that your CL's are comfortable and I'm wondering if certain styles are better than others?
  2. Yeah certain styles are more comfy... I have however tried on a million pair in the store and I foung that the simple, yoyo and decollete pumps are most comfy for me!
  3. Neo girl are your feet narrow, wider??? Just curious. :upsidedown:
  4. My feet are an exact medium not wide and not narrow however I do sometimes have a bit of swelling but it usually doesn't affect me unless I have been on my feet for 8 plus hours also I wear a lot of pointy toes
  5. I haven't worn my $280 NM shoes yet, so I can't tell you how they feel for me yet. But I'm thinking not good since they are yoyos and my nude patent yoyos hurt me.
  6. Sorry to hear they were uncomfortable. After all these CLs purchases I have yet to wear mine (too cold for open toe shoes here). You have me a bit nervous. :sad:
  7. I ish I woud have goten in on the deal! Man!
  8. jfhave, I'm sorry to hear that the yoyo slings weren't comfortable.

    I have the red patent yoyos and they took a number of wears before they molded to my foot, particularly the peeptoe area. To lessen the initial pain around the peeptoe, I stuffed my yoyos like a blowfish full of tissue paper for several days to stretch them out a little. It made them a little easier to wear the next time I wore them.
  9. Another thing you can do is put a freezer bag full of water and put the tip in the toe then put it in the freezer when the bag freezes it will stretch. My grandmother did this all the time and I never undertsood it until I got older
  10. i tried on three pair of sale loubs today and hated the fit on all of them!

    i'm a VP girl ONLY it seems!
  11. Usually the ones w/ platforms are easier on the feet.
  12. I'm sorry they weren't comfy! Usually shoes with platforms are more comfy because it has more padding underneath the foot. Simple pumps are SO comfortable.
  13. Which style may I ask?:confused1:
  14. I find the platform key.
  15. ditto