Okay so I could not wait...here is the pic

  1. Hello...
    I could not wait till tomorrow.
    You can't see much...but it's a life.
    The doctor said that the baby has a heart beat and by our next appt. we could see it!!!
  2. Happypug: Congratulations!!!!
  3. Aww that's so exciting!! Congratulations on your baby happy pug!!
  4. Oh my Gosh. That is too cool. I love seeing things like that. Thanks letting us share in your joy.
  5. YAY! congrats! awwwwwwww... [ hug ]
  6. I'm so happy for you!!! Congrats! Take care now, no more falling down the stairs :biggrin:
  7. WOW! Isn't it an amazing feeling knowing that little person is growing inside of you? Congrats!!!
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till your next picture!!! ;)
  9. So amazing, thanks for sharing your picture!
  10. how wonderful! thanks for sharing.
  11. AWW! Congrats!! That is the most beautiful picture I've seen all day :smile:
  12. WOW! CONGRATS! how sweet of you to share with us!! so excited for you!
  13. Congratulations! May I ask how far along you are?
  14. Congratulations and hope that you and the baby will be healthy always..
  15. Aww :smile: Congrats to you!