Okay, so I can't believe I didn't tell this story yet . . . .

  1. We used to live on an island in the middle of the South Pacific called Kwajaelein.

    While we were living there, a friend of my parents' used to go out fishing and he'd sell some of his catch to people he knew.

    I forget if we bought a fish from him or he gave it to us, but either way, we wound up with a fish. It was on the cutting board and my dad was about to prepare it so my mom could cook it.

    I was about eight or nine at the time. I saw my dad going towards the fish with a knife and I remember getting upset. I ran over to the fish and shielded it with my body. Crying, I was like, "Don't!"

    (Never mind that it was already dead.)

    It took awhile for my dad to explain to me that it was already dead, and he had to cut it. (He didn't specifically say 'cut it' he said "I have to do it!")
  2. LOL like something I would do!
  3. You're definitely someone who loves animals, big and small! Good for you! :heart: