Okay, so either ....

  1. ...I'm gaining weight or the tokidoki t-shirts are getting smaller :wtf: What do you guys think? Has anyone gotten any of the new t-shirts? :confused1:

    I got the black t-shirt w/mozzarella on it today in an XL and it fits but man is it snug...snugger than all my other XL's I think. I'm thinking maybe I should stop eating for a bit. :push:
  2. hm.... I haven't gotten any of the new shirts, but I thought they switched the companies that make the t's? so maybe that's it? I recall someone saying the cuts on the new t's are more slim or something... or was I dreaming? :confused1:
  3. Yes, JapanLA's blog mentioned that the new shirts are more form fitting than the old ones. I haven't bought any of the new ones yet.
  4. Well they weren't lying when they said they're more form fitting!! Thanks for the info girls I was starting to think I gained weight! :push: I need to lose some now to fit into the XL which is nuts since I wear a M at the Banana!
  5. Well so much for the mozarella tee for me. If it is that snug. The older ones are snug as it is. Bummer. :cursing:
  6. too many cupcakes? ;)
  7. ooh more form fitting! i didn't like how the shirts before just came straight down from the pits...I'm more for the fitted type of T's. I might be getting some T's then. yay!!
  8. I haven't bought any shirts because they seem like they'd be cut more for the junior sizes and wouldn't accommodate much boobage. I hate when everything is stretched tight across the top... :push:

  9. I bought one of the new shirts from Metropark and yes, it was way smaller than the old shirts. I had to get one size larger because I couldn't fit my head through my usual size!

    I probably could fit my head through it if I really wanted to, but I didn't want to mess up my hair and it just took too much effort. I always thought I had a really big head (no pun intended), but that t-shirt made me feel really bad about myself.
  10. That's sad news.:crybaby:I was hoping to buy that shirt at one of the metropark's in Vegas. Are there XXL's?
  11. I've never tried the old T-shirts, but I just bought the new Black Mozilla. I got a small and it's very form fitting. I'm a small person 4'11" tall so it fits just right. No pulling thru the boob area for me (32 C bust).

    I really love the way it fit me. Most T'shirts are to long, and two big and I feel like I'm drowing in it. Ha! I wore it out to the mall the other day and got lots of compliments. I had my Tutti bag too but no one noticed it. :sad:
  12. I don't think there are any XXL's. You should def. try on the shirt though, maybe it'll fit you. :yes:
  13. maybe the mens are made smaller too? Do the mens come in SMs?. Sometimes I prefer mens Ts cuz of shrinking and I like to layer.
  14. I guess this is Tokidoki's way of putting us all on diets?:lol:
  15. yay for small people! i have 3 shirts in xs and they're all big on me!(i'm 5'2" and like....108ish?)