okay so another choice to make!

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  1. I have been all set to go out and FINALLY pick up that lilac croc Alexandra on Saturday but my SA says that she will have new bags to show me when I get there, ALTHOUGH, I am told I may not be able to buy them until their release date.
    Now I want a Sophia (not sure of the size) in purple or black. And I still like that lilac bag but I don't think I want two purple bags.
    Should I skip the lilac and go for a purple Sophia? Or buy a Black Sophia and lilac Alexandra? So many decisions, and I know we are all enablers here LOL! Which one (or two) would you get?
    I am so looking forward to finally posting some pics.
  2. Decisions, decisions!! (but in a good way!) I vote for the lilac Alexandra (gorgeous!) and the black Sophia (ditto...gorgeous!) I typically don't gravitate toward the Alexandras but I saw the croc in real life and it's a keeper for sure. Can't wait to see your pics :smile:
  3. Here's my take. The lilac would be mostly carried in spring/summer correct? Not saying she's not all good for fall & winter but I'd think the majority of her use would be in warmer months! I don't think that the two purple bags (being SUCH different shades) would be in competition with eachother. I'd be tempted to get the Sophia in purple and the lilac Alexandra. Here's why! Coach makes almost EVERY BAG they release in black, so finding another black bag down the road won't be an issue at all. PLUS it's more likely that you'd be able to snag up the black Sophia later as I believe they manufacture more of the "staple" colors. This would give the black ones a better chance ar hitting the outlets and/or being sold on ebay and the likes!!!

    Go purple/lilac...you can grab a great black bag anytime (and maybe even the EXACT one you want later!)

    ***How many of the elite colored Maggie's made it to the outlet, like the plum and copper?! The purple and berry colored bags aere always a HUGE HIT because those who love purple REALLY love purple. I've passed on MANY the plum/berry/purple colored bags and regretted it GREATLY later!!!
  4. Personally I love purple as well. IMO, its a color that I never get sick of. I agree, too, that the lilac would be more of warmer months bag. You can't wrong with purple!
  5. thanks, i am getting both!
  6. Skip the lilac Alex. Get the purple Sophia!!!
  7. Is there a photo of the purple sophia somewhere here ?
  8. I'm gonna see if I can work on this for you today. . . .
  9. lilac alexandra and black sophia
  10. I'd skip the alexandra..
  11. Another vote for lilac Alexandra and black Sophia. And if you don't mind two croc bags and they are within your budget, I'd totally get the black croc Sophia too. Haha! I just saw Angie's reveal of the black croc Sophia and it is so beautiful. I'm really in love with croc these days, it's just so expensive.

    I'm a purple fan for life, but I think it's good to have black bags in your collection. For me they are the most versatile and the most used bags in my collection. My purples don't go with everything and I hate wearing purple bags with purple outfits too because people see me and ask me, "Is purple your favorite color?" LOL! And I'm infamous for having all purple accessories in my purse too so it's horribly obvious.
  12. There are so many bags and so little money!