okay, silver reissue or the gradiant

  1. I have both - I prefer the reissue although the melrose is low maintenance since it's vinyl.
  2. They both seem to be links to the melrose flap, which is indeed vinyl. It is a great bag. But as of last Saturday, was not sold out. I know that they had at least 1 left at the Portland OR Saks. It is a very pretty bag though. I have it and love it. What other bags do you have?
  3. Silver reissue!!!
  4. silver reissue!
  5. I have a black jumbo caviar and bordeaux GST
  6. silver!
  7. Between these two, I would go for the reissue.
    I see the silver reissue is a common item on both your threads!!!!
    Go for the one you love!!!!
  8. Another vote for Silver Reissue here!
  9. Prefer the silver reissue!
  10. Silver reissue, dear =)
  11. I prefer the silver reissue as well.
  12. I have both even though I am not a big reissue fan. I love the melrose.
  13. I prefer dark silver reissue as well.
  14. definitely the reissue