okay, silver reissue or the gradiant

  1. I would choose the Silver Reissue! More classic, not as trendy.
  2. ^^ Ita
  3. the gradient is great if you have alot of bags already and have a casual lifestyle, or carry alot 'cause it fits more than the reissue. i have one , no one else seems to have it, and when i carry it, heads turn! but both are stunning
  4. I think both are great. depends on what you already have, i guess. If you already have the reissue, then get the gradient. Of well, you can always get a reissue another season :p
  5. I think both are great bags, I have the melrose and do LOVE it. It is a unique and striking bag. But as has been mentioned in another thread. The gradient melrose is vinyl not leather, and it is not sold out, so don't pay over retail. There was at least one in stock at Saks in PDX OR. If you need an SA number, PM me.