Okay, show of hands who is going CRAZY right now!

  1. I hate how all the new stuff just taunts me, knowing how much I want that hair scarf and the clutch/bag right now..but can't for another WEEK.. right?!
  2. I'm with you on that! I was all excited about the IPod case and the hair scarf to the point of gushing to my husband over IM. I was telling him how I'm going to the store after work on Friday to check them out, blah blah blah. He IM'd me back almost instantly with, "Uh, you do realize it's not out for another week, right?" ACK! Totally forgot that in my excitement. :P
  3. Yeah tell me about it. There isn't a single Coach boutique in Melbourne and the new collection is driving me absolutely nuts! I love the ballet flats, the diary (but I'm not sure if it's practical), the head scarf, the shawl, the bags and the wristlet! Lordy! I'm supposed to be on a bag ban! Sigh! Maybe I'll sell my kidney soon... hee.
  4. OMG, I just checked out the new stuff and I WANT IT ALL!!!! But, I just 2 weeks ago spent too much $$$ at coach.com and I simply MUST NOT spend any more!! I swore to myself "NO new bags until after Christmas" but now I'm terrified all the things I want will be gone by then!! Dancing Queen, let me know if you find a place that will give you some good money for that kidney!! I have a lung to spare, as well.
  5. Definitely me...but I can't possibly buy everything I WANT to...so I guess its good I can't get it yet...give me time to really decide what I'm getting!
  6. Madamefifi! It's such a coincidence that I told myself the exact same thing! "No new bags till after Christmas!"... hee. :lol:
  7. Buy everything you can now then wait to see what hits outlets...if any. I like the stripe pouch, wallet, & the legacy leather flap in white or pink. I'll have to save about $700.00 for everything that's on my wishlist now. Which isn't too too bad but still bad enough.
  8. oh, god, the temptation...
    i just paid off 90% of my credit card debt...i must not max them out again...
    but, on the other hand, the stuff is so pretty...
    it's like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other!
  9. DON'T GIVE INTO TEMPTATION! :biggrin: Seriously, I just got out of pretty major credit card debt (well for me ... like $6000 paid off all at once) and it is just not worth the interest charges unless you KNOW you're going to pay it off pronto.

    With that being said, I'm actually okay waiting a week because I have to wait until I get paid again anyways. :biggrin: But I know what you mean! Everything is gorgeous :love:
  10. I!! Oh theres so much I want, I feel like crying!!
  11. Out of everything I want, the cheapest thing is still out of my price range at the moment :sad:

  12. I have a question about the stripe collection...in the catalog the stripe wallet only has 4 thick stripes & on the website it has 8 skinney stripes??? I don't want to order off Coach.com b/c I really like the skinny stripes & some pink in it. Do I sound looney LOL. Has anyone else noticed this too?
  13. I simply MUST have the stripe Alana flats! I'm SO into flats right so and those are so sweet!!! Money is an issue though...
  14. I don't want any bags this time, but rather as per usual the accessories.

    I'm thinking head scarf, clover keychain, cosmetic case, coin purse..

    But if I buy the coin purse then I want to sell the apple fruit coin purse. And would there be a point to buying both the coin purse and the cosmetic case? Thats the way my thinking works.
  15. I want these....(sorry they're so big!) Love the color of the mini