OKay seriously this is it for the year...

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  1. We had the Christmas party last night! Awesome time. My new avatar photo is from it! LOL Anyway, it was at the Westin Galleria so we stayed overnight there and I went ahead and took my SA's gift to her and purchased a monogram shawl in black as I can't go into the store and come out empty handed. It's lovely! OKay so I have this and my silver speedy and my monogram sweet pendant in the mail and that's IT for the rest of the year. We can begin again after the holiday's! LOL

    OMG for anyone interested they had the most incredible bikini's in silver and black but none of then would come close to fitting my boobies unfortunately! :sad:

    I am too hung over to model so here is pictures of my son with my shawl instead! LOL
    shawl.JPG shawlupclose.JPG
  2. I love the shawl and theres allways next year to get more LV. I love your Avatar, your beautiful !
  3. Love the shawl! You look very beautiful, Crystal! Seriously. Very stunning.
  4. You're blonde again! I think I like you better as a blonde, fits more with your personality, although the dark hair was sexy too!

    Your son is so cute.... great purchases too!
  5. awww.. how sweet of your son to help a :tispy: mom model:nuts: Stunning shawl...your new avatar...:love:
  6. THANKS!! I worked on my make-up for quite a while and I typically throw it on so I appreciate the complements!:shame:

    LOL I just looked back at the picture of my son and I am cracking up. He is seriously cheesing for the camera! LOL :roflmfao:
  7. Wow Crystal, you look amazing in your avatar! :love:
    And your little boy is so cute! Congrats on the shawl!
  8. beautiful...
  9. Congrats on the shawl! You look stunning as usual :love:
  10. Wow, you look very beautiful! You should post modeling pics of the shawl when you're sober!:yes:

    Love the shawl! Your son is a cutie too!
  11. Your son is so adorable, you are gorgeous Crystal!!! Love your shwal!
  12. You look beautiful! I love the shawl! Congrats on your purchase!

  13. He is very handsome, as well. :smile:
  14. lovely pics---son, yourself and shawl!
  15. crystal, you looks fabbbbbbby in your new avatar. sooo friggin gorgeous!
    ...and of course the shawl is amazing :p