Okay, pic of my new Bronze Stam

  1. Sorry, just one pic for now. I took the bag into every room of our office trying to find the best light. This one I took in the bathroom! :lol: What do you guys think? At this point, I love her but will play around more before making a final decision.

    The canvas interior is awful. Boring and cheap. :sad2:

    I'll take more pics tonight if anyone is interested.
    Bronze Stam 2.jpg
  2. I like it. I like the Stam in general. The bronze color is cute, and unusual. Keep it!
  3. Definitely take more pics. I think she's so cute in that color! Is she squishy? My main problem with the recent Stams have been that they're too structured and bulky for me. But I know that the bronze leather has more give--at least in the banana hobo style. It's a cute bag!
  4. I'll take pics at home tonight.

    Wicked, she's not squishy but I actually prefer the new, more-structured bags over the original. I have the black from the first release and desperately wanted one of the new ones (I couldn't get excited about the Spring round of colors) so this works out for me. I think I actually like her more "on" than just sitting there, which is a good sign.

    I just took her stuffing out and I do think she's lighter than the other one but would have to hold them side-by-side to be sure.

    I hate when I order something I'm not 100% on but still don't want to give her up. This will be tough to send back if I should so choose!
  5. I love the color, and I'm really sad that Jacobs made the interior canvas!! I love my suede interiors.

    Again, gorgeous! Envy abounds.
  6. Wow! That's the pretttiest one I've seen! Can't believe it has a canvas interior.:sad:
  7. I know! This one would be TDF with the burgundy suede like the old ones had. He blew it.
  8. Congrats! Aside from the canvas interior (clueless as to why canvas) it IS a beautiful bag! Love the color! Let us know what you decide!
  9. Beautiful! The bronze is gorgeous!
  10. Very pretty! I'll bet she is to die for in person.
  11. More pics that I took at work earlier... I'll put the chain on later and maybe even take her from a different view, lol.
    Bronze Stam 3.jpg Bronze Stam 5.jpg Bronze Stam 7.jpg
  12. Very nice bag indeed ... and metalllic is going to hot in this Fall!
  13. KEEP it, it is B-E-AUTIFUL:biggrin::biggrin:
  14. Great color! It really complements the style of the bag :nuts:
  15. Beautiful bag. I think this would be a keeper and not a color you would see on everyone's arm.