Okay.. PANIC.. aqua city is here, but seems veiny and dry

  1. Do I moisturize or just send it back? Will moisturizing take away the veins?

  2. It does have more veins than some bags I've seen. Does it feel dry to the touch? I've heard that some LMB products can eliminate them, but I haven't personally tried it. Frankly, if you just got it and your not happy, then perhaps the best approach is to return it and get one you're happier with than trying to change this one.
  3. Gosh, it's so beautiful. But if you aren't 100% happy from the start, send it back for another!
  4. I think its gorgeous! It does have alot more veins then some of the Aquas I've seen... however I think a bit of Lubriderm would do wonders! (I used just a SMALL bit on my Marine and it is "smooshing" up nicely!! I'm sorry I ever second guessed the leather!)

    Let's see what other people have to weigh in with... I would keep it around for a few days before you do anything to it, if you're absolutely not in love with it, then send it back... If it just has a bit of dryness, it might be workable... it probably depends to what degree it is.

  5. I think the leather looks beautiful, but I like "veiny". I just don't "love" the aqua color in real life as much as I'd hoped. Do you like the color IRL? In the pic, its beautiful though.
  6. Shasta, if you don't like it as is you should probably send it back. Products won't necessarily fix this the way you want it.
  7. Congrats on the Aqua!=)
    I heard that moisturizing the leather will help make it smoother, however, I think some of the veins will still remain. I suggest, keep it for a couple of days and if you still aren't too pleased -return it. The leather and tone of the bag varies a great deal with each bag and there's no hurry in choosing something you really like! ;D
  8. It does feel dry to the touch.. I'm bummed. The color is beautiful though.
  9. ITA - if you don't love it, send it back. i wouldn't trust a product to fix the things you don't like, like the veins. JMHO ;)
  10. Shasta girl send it back if you really don't love it.:yes: :okay:I don't recommand using products on your Bbags but some people do it any way. Get some thing that you don't have to tamper with after spending so much money.:heart:
  11. If you dont love it send it back, it does appear to have a bit more vein than others.
  12. TOTALLY agree!! :yes:
  13. Aw Shasta, I'm sorry. :sad: Sometimes it's really tricky ordering bags sight unseen. I think Aqua is a beautiful color but I too agre with Nanaz. We spend a lot of money on these bags and to me it doesn't make sense that we have to tamper with them to make them perfect.

    Can you swap it out for another one?
  14. I love it, but i agree if your not in love try and get a new one, i think its gorgeous
  15. ooo- Shasta- I'd return it if you were guaranteed another Aqua immediately - sorry- so new to bbags- I don't know if this color is hard to find?


    and- the only reason I say get another one is because YOU aren't happy - I have no idea what veiny means....