Okay, one more...........I love DHL!!!!!


Jan 5, 2007
South Florida
DHL is the best. My delivery guy came back later this afternoon to make a second attempt at delivery! Yay!!!! I was so bummed this morning when I saw that yellow tag sticking to my door. But he returned and here it is! My long lusted after Balenciaga jacket!!!! I've been drooling over this jacket since it first appeared on Balenciaga's website this Fall. And then when I saw Clemence Poesy adorning it, I knew it had to be mine. I phoned BalNY last week and they were sold out. I got this one at Matches London and received excellent and speedy service. It's black felted wool with black suede accents. I love it! I'll post modeling pics hopefully in a few days. No bathroom mirror pics for this baby.....they wouldn't do it justice!



Sep 9, 2006
OMG, I LOVE that jacket!!!!!!!!:love:

Don't Bal jackets fit like a dream???:heart:

Can't wait for modeling pics! I'm sure you look so stylin' in it!:tup: