Okay, Okay I Finally Caved

Apr 12, 2006
So I had been thinking for a while now that croc bags are really growing on me. I originally only liked the ostrich exotic skin, but as I saw more and more croc bags I began to appreciate their beauty.

And now I want a croc kelly or birkin. So the questions I pose to you ladies...
1. Should I get a birkin or kelly?
2. What color?

A little info to help you in answering. I generally have the style we see on Shopmom. As you can tell from my purse collection I'm not afraid of color. However, I think I want my croc to be a more elegant, subdued, understated bag. I have mostly pink, black, green, and purple in my wardrobe. I think I would carry the bag some days while I am just out and about shopping, but I might also want to wear it when I go to different social gatherings. So there it is in a nutshell. I appreciate any suggestions!


Feb 28, 2006
I always recommend my favorite croc bag of all time - a 28cm miel porosus Kelly with ph or gh. I think it's stunning against black evening wear as well as something as casual-chic as jeans and a white tee.

I can't wait to see what you end up with!


Jan 18, 2006
I would love to see you with either Rouge VIF or Cocoan crock. I think you would really enjoy either of those colors- and both are absolutely TDF! As for which style, I think you are a birkin girl at heart, but if you want a change of pace and something a bit more formal- go for a Kelly! You can't go wrong either way!


Oscar is a star!
May 31, 2006
I love #4,(on your list), Seen it "live" and love it, the only downside is that shiny croc makes the bag a little more dressy, so you have to decide if you have "dressy" occasions to wear it, also the signs of wear show fast on shiny croc,
(kelly and birkin) so you have to be o.k. with that. I love the shiny croc, but the matte may be practical.


May 8, 2006
Hmm that's a tough one- Miel, Cocoan, Beige Rose. I tend to prefer lighter as it shows the scales & texture much better. I have to say that Cyclamin or Violet looks AMAZING on croc though. :love:

Also def. a Kelly. HANDS DOWN!
Apr 12, 2006
As for which style, I think you are a birkin girl at heart
I think I am too. And it's interesting because the one Hermes bag I always wanted was the kelly. But now I love the style of the birkin so much. Yet, the kelly seems to be more elegant in croc.

All the colors that are being suggested are great. Miel, violet, vert fonce, and rouge vif are all kind of striking a chord with me.

Avandome: what you have stated is something that I did have concern about. Still, I love glazed as opposed to matte so I guess I will just have to really accept how signs of wear will show on the shiny croc.


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Croc in a Kelly is fantastic, IMO! I have to second Avandome though....black Croc is absolutely STUNNING, hands down!!!! And THIS from a Havanne Croc girl!!!!!!


Jan 18, 2006
This is gorgeous

CDL always has gorgeous bags on her website! Definitely go take a look! You just might find something you fall in love with!


Birkins Hunter
Jun 29, 2006
If there's no issue of availability of Hermes crocodile bags.. i would choose one of the following:

- Rouge H (already have love it as my first crocodile birkin i think i scored the most gorgeous color IMO)
- Rouge Vif (i've seen it IRL Its so gorgeous as a deep red crocodile..)
- Blue Jean ( my JPG is blue roi, but for some reason i love BJ crocodile more!)
- Cocoan.. so rich and classy!!!

So any of the above color.. IMO you will have a gorgeous classy true hermes crocodile bag!!!