Okay now, what really makes you happy?

Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
Since there is a thread about what grinds our gears, how about telling us what makes you happy or what you love and why?!

I'll go first, I may be a little dorky.
1.) My husband, he is the love of my love, my best friend and soul-mate. He is the first and only person to truly love me unconditionally.

2.) All animals, well maybe not all animals but I do love all mamals, especially dogs. Growing up eveeyone dogs just seemed to always like me best, like we had some special connection. I always have like that saying "You don't pick your favorites, they pick you. Also parents divorced when I young leaving mom a single parent and so she had to work. She only had time, energy and love for 1 of her kids, my brother. So I grew up in a home that was my mom loving my brother and the dog loving me. The only love I received growing up was from our dog(s). This is why I care for them so much!

3.) Puppy breath!
Nno, it is nothing like "dog breath" which by the way, means you really need to have your dogs teeth cleaned.

4.) That entire feeling or sense of being that you get when you don't have to rush to work, can linger outside early in the morning just as it becomes light, with nobody else up, the cool, crisp, and clean feel of the air and the smell of just sweet fresh mother earth. I wish this could be put in a bottle.

5.) The feeling I get when I truly have it all together! (does'nt happen often enough) I have on a fabulous outfit that makes me feel great without looking like I'm even trying. I'm at a happy weight (doesn't happen enough either!) having a great hair day, feel like a million bucks, completly confident and feeling that at this particular moment my life truely is perfect!
1. My husband and son! Nothing fills my up with joy like a hug from my boys.

2. Being outside: working in my garden, riding a bike, skiing, horseback riding, walking on a crisp fall day.

3. We're getting a puppy this weekend (!!!!!!!!!) so I'm sure that's going to be near the very top of my list.
What makes me really happy is:

1) Mr Vlad himself- as much as being in a long distance relationship sucks right now, I know it will all be worth it when he finally comes back. He feels like home to me. :love:

2) My family- corny I know, but without them I have no idea where I would be in this world. My family is the most understanding and helpful bunch ever.

3) My friends- through everything they have been there and always put a smile on my face or help me think my shopping is justifiable! ;)

4) My health- you don't know how great it is until you have lost it

5) The feeling of being loved and cared for. Amazing feeling (relates back to Vlad, my family, and friends)

6) This site and forum- I love that my love of bags could be shared with so many and that everyone on the forum is so great!! :biggrin:

7) Beautiful days- you know the days when you wake up, go outside, and it is so gorgeous that you are just happy to be alive... I love that
1. My boyfriend - Sure, he doesn't understand my love of bags, but I don't understand his love of computer games. It works out :toung:

2. My cats - El Jefe and Fat Mike are their names, and they're like my children :embarasse They keep me company. I am so glad I was able to give them a good home.

3. Spending time with my family - Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, or the yearly trip with my dad and stepmom to the Keys for a week of fishing and watching the sunset, I love hanging out with my family. Sure, we have our dysfunctional moments, but we love each other all the same.

4. A good run makes me happy. I love being outside in the evening or early morning. My running shoes and ipod (I have clothes on, of course :toung: ) are all I need.

5. Music! You can never have too many CDs.
1. the way my bulldog, cassie mae's, whole body wiggles with glee when i come to my parents house after a few weeks of being away at school.
2. watching gilmore girls dvds with my boyfriend at his house
3. our cat, kelsey, even though she's not exactly miss personality.
4. the weather this time of year in Georgia - it's been a perfect 72 or 73 degrees and gorgeous for the past few weeks
5. just hanging out with my mom. we get along so incredibly well.
6. a perfect fall saturday afternoon in Athens when the bulldogs are ranked well, the smell of propane and barbeque are in the air from tailgating, and everyone is wearing red and black.