Okay, now I'm DREAMING about the PF and LV??? Come see!

  1. Okay ladies, this is bad! Now, I'm dreaming about the PF!

    We are having our New England PF Meeting on Saturday, right, and last night I dreamt that we were all having lunch and talking and laughing, and everyone had the most amazing Louis Vuitton bags!!! Also, I was supposed to meet everyone at Louis Vuitton and I was late and trying to rush there.....it was such a REAL dream!!!!

    Man, that is bad, when you start dreaming about this place???? Do any of you dream about the PF or LV bags???
  2. I dream of shopping at LV, like Mariah in her video! LOL
  3. Hmm I had this weird dream once where I was at LV and I wanted to buy a mono speedy, but they couldn't find one and kept showing me these weird crazy (non-existent) types of speedies and I kept saying "no thanks, I just really want one in monogram..."

  4. Well, I'm so relieved I'm not the only one!!!
  5. I had a LV dream 2 nights ago where someone stole my Mono Speedy and my Mono credit card wallet when I was on my way to purchase a new bag from the LV mothership! :wtf:

    Guess if I was happy when I woke up, and I immediately had to run to my closet to see if my bags and accessories were safe. :lol: