okay..not to be a prude

  1. I'm not trying to be a prude or anything..but would it be possible for everyone to just not swear in their posts..it makes me sad to think that our vocabularies are so limited that we are reduced to profanity..everytime..I see a post with the b word or the f bomb..I just want to shut the computer down..purse talk should not have to include vulgarities...there I said my piece...:shame: :cry:
  2. I don't like using those kinds of words either, but I think that I only mind depending on how they use them. We aren't all alike but hopefuly after reading this thread they will think twice about doing it. You have every right to feel this strongly about this, but everyone thinks and feels about things differently.:P
  3. haha.. this one guy in our car forum.. every other word is the 'f bomb'.. and i'm being literal here... he's so hilarious.. in a very annoying way.

    for me, i dont see a problem with the b word, or w h o r e... and i use that 2nd word more often in reference to posting and whatnot.. it's an internet term, i think u have to just know the joke. :P but yea, the f-bomb gets a little out of hand if ever used.
  4. I hadn't noticed any on here but then it doesn't bother me if people swear ABOUT things, eg "that (swear)ing company didn't deliver yet" - if people swear AT each other, that's out of line IMO.

  5. Swearing is against the rules, so I generally stick to euphamisms on here- however.

    I feel as if this forum is getting so judgemental you can't do annnnything without offending someone- yes, perhaps your opinion on swear words is that they're a vulgarity- but many people use them without any strong sense of conviction whatsoever. Obviously swearing isn't allowed on here, and the rules should be respected, I'm just making a point in general.

    IMO, swearing doesn't bother me.
  6. I totally agree.

    Swearing doesn't bother me as long as it's in the correct context, but i appreciate we're all different :biggrin:
  7. Of course, I don't think that's out of the question as a request, and generally, I believe in the swearing is crass statement. And maybe I am a prude.. and I'm proud of it !! (tee hee)
  8. I suppose it depends aswell upon the type of swear word used - you can usually tell whether someone intends any malice by the context of the sentence around the profanity.

    As Chandi said above, if it's directed at something, rather than someone, then i personally feel it's just a matter of taste and/or opinion.

    We're all so different and that's what i love about coming here to the PF.;)
  9. Like mentioned above, swearing is not allowed on this board. With that being said- I know it will slip. I know when I get completely angry it will slip. But try to keep it to a minimum (I really don't see much of it on here?!?!)
  10. i think there are codes or something that either vlad or someone on the back end could do to block cuss words.. cuz on this one car forum i'm on.. any bad word turns into asterisks (ie: *****es) like that haha... cept it's pretty known when they put "**** you" or something along those lines. but it does block the word itself, in the event anyone is going on here during their work hours (tsk tsk! :smile: ).
  11. I don't think that is too much to ask, and you put it nicely, not being judgemental. If is against the rules also it should not be done!

    I also think is better and more respectful for someone who swears to adapt and not swear in front of someone than for someone who doesn't swear to have to adapt and have to listen to swearing.

    example, if you were in church or with grandparents or something like that and you know they don't like swearing would you do it anyway and say it's okay because that's who I am?
  12. ^that is soooo true.. and i dont know why people have a problem if you replace "swearing" with "smoking" here.. ugh.
  13. I could do without the swearing as well.:noworry:
  14. Do you guys actually think there's a real probnem here w/ cursing?
    I personally don't.
    I don't really swear IRL, nor here, much. I'm not prude so much but I'm a Mommy of 3 that mimic everything I say.
    I think people get into a habit of cursing and find it hard to quit, so I just pretty much stopped altogehter as I don't need 2 yr old twin boys cursing! LOL!
    But I personally don't think it's a problem here really.
    It oesn't bother me if it's about something passionate, but just gratuitous cursing is a little offensive to me.