Okay, no one rescued me from myself....

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  1. I did it. I bought my first 2 LV bags only one is brand new. Here they are:

    I am in shock. The room is spinning and I think I'm going to hurl.:sick: Someone tell me I did the right thing.:cry:
  2. hehe..its amazing what we can do when left to our own devices! the suede is gorgeous! and the babylone (?) is a classic, practical bag! good buys!

    edit: haha..i just finished reading about you wondering what to get for your first LV's..wow! you really went to town! yay! haha...
  3. awww i was going to buy that babylone :sad: now i'm sad. but at least a fellow purseblogger got it...

    if you're feeling buyers remorse, let me know, i'll buy it off of you.
  4. I will let you know the minute my husband has me committed. I'm sure he'll put them both up on E-Bay!
  5. Yeah, when I decide to do something I go all out. I figure why not start off with what I really want? I'm going to end up with it anyway!
  6. lol well give him my email addy! congrats though, it's a beautiful bag at a great price.
  7. That is an impressive way to start your LV collection ! ;)
  8. Really excellent way to start your collection and yay for let-trade :biggrin:
  9. Ooh, the Onatah! Nice choice. Congrats on your first LVs :smile:
  10. Lovely! Did you buy the Onatah of off ebay?
  11. Yes from let-trade. They have some great stuff. By the way, do you know what the Onatah retails for?
  12. PM $855
    GM $1280 (the one you got)
  13. Yeeeup. I paid a little more than that but I guess with tax it's about the same. The price to pay for having it now?
  14. Great purchases!
  15. Nice! :biggrin: Love the suede!