Okay new LV Bag of the Day.

  1. So tell me what LV bag you are carrying today, if you are carrying one or do you have any LV assessories you are carrying in another bag, that's okay to.

    I am carrying my vintage papillon 30 with cross-grain leather. Inside is my LV zippy wallet, koala agenda and four key holder.


  2. Today I am using my Dune Mini Lin Speedy

    Here is what I carry inside

  3. I am still using my Croissant GM that I got from Let-Trade a few weeks ago. Inside I have my white MC agenda and I attach my groom cles to the outside strap.
  4. Mono riveting tote, pochechette cosmetique, round coin purse, and pochette wallet.
  5. Dentelle Speedy, inside I have my Mini Lin wallet, Amarante agenda about 5 Lip glosses floating around (need a mini pochette) Keys, Cell and a Preggo Book.
  6. Have been using my BH the last few days while the other bags are in my car. Getting ready to here the word if we need to evac due to these friggin' fires!!!
  7. Today's Bag: Damier Speedy 30
    Accessory: LV Pastel Pastilles Bracelet
    Wallet: Big, Mono Ziparound
    Cosmetic Case: Trunks & Bags Mono Pochette
    For Credit Cards & Receipts: Black MC Pochette MM
    (The only things in there that are NOT LV are my sunglasses, pen, keys, Palm, and cellphone!)
  8. I carried my White MC Trouville, with the MC Porte Tresor & the Mono Mini-pochette. Can't wait to get my Vernis cles to pair up with the MC Trouville.
  9. OMG! jenniletv, I have the same vintage LV! And my mom uses it now!
  10. Today, my black mc speedy was calling to me "hey, what about me? I have not seen the light of day in a while". So I stuffed her with my black mc zippy, black mc wappity, mono cosmetique, LV obsession sunnies and mono cles for spare change. Of course cell phone and car keys ... so that's what I have today here at work ...
  11. my neverfull mm... ,inside: my lv mono cosmetic bag... epi red wallet. home and car keys, ck parfume, lg cell phone, chanel sunglasses and gum..
  12. All week I have been using my cabby GM.
  13. Very pretty! I carried my mono speedy 30 with mono zippy wallet today. My son has tennis today, so I don't like to take my denim bags.
  14. Mono Speedy 30 and LV Porte-Tresor wallet
  15. Today I have my fuschia denim speedy with my black mc pochette, my mini pochette, and my mc pochette mm inside.