Okay....my brighton blue has a bad scratch!!!! I'm BLUE!!!

  1. Now I'm pretty easy going (well except with my kiddos!)....laid back...the glass is generally half full kind of gal...but......

    Saturday morning noticed this horrible scratch on my new bolide!!!! Have NO clue what happened (I don't have it near razor blades or sharp things...) and it's totally bumming me out! :crybaby: I know I haven't actually kept many bags for very long but this one is perfect and I'm soooo upset. The positive thing (if there is one) is that it's on the back of the bag.....I will load some photos later...part of me was ashamed to admit this...so can I try to rub some cream (the leather is chevre) or something or does it need to be sent back?? I bought from the Troy NM...ugh!:wtf:
  2. Oh NOOO, S!! To quote one of our former US presidents, "I feel your pain!!" I'd call Lois before doing anything - take some pics of the scratch and if she can get them, e-mail to her.

    I'd also think about e-mail to Kym in Boston and see if she can get John (store manager) to give you a suggestion.

    Good luck!!
  3. oh poor you i too can feel your pain... my labradoodle chewed my framboise agenda last night ... :push: yours was a accident i was in the same room as my mut at the time!! Dont do anything to it until you talk to Hermes....
  4. Call Claude in NYC (he's off on Mondays), he can advise you. I would talk to him first.

    So sorry !!
  5. :wtf: Shoes!!!!! How long is the scratch? Waiting on pics. Email the boston store- I'm sure they will have some advice for you. I have always been under the impression that any hermes store can refurbish/repair your bag.
  6. I feel I'm not worthy to carry these bags if I allow something like this happen lol!! Geesh...and it doesn't feel like it gives it character or anything at all either...

    It's actually quite a large almost V like scratch...:shrugs: Thanks for the suggestions -- FRH I first thought of Boston and realized I bought it from Lois and felt a twinge of guilt so wasn't quite sure which direction to turn...

    brighton scratch 001.jpg

    brighton scratch 002.jpg

    brighton scratch 003.jpg
  7. Oh shoes! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I'm so, so sorry.

    That looks like my bags 15 min. out of the box. I bet they can get it all fixed up for you.

    Sometimes bad scratches happen to good people.
  8. ^^^lol gga....
  9. Shoes, I'm sure something cam be done...I would probably do as HL says, call Claude first (he seems to be the Hermès God in the US) and then go on from there.....That's what I would do....
  10. shoes,.. call Hermes in NY and ask to speak to Pierre if Claude is not in today. Get their address and send it overnight. He or Claude will have that baby sent to you looking brand new again. Call speak to him today.
  11. oh no, shoes! i'm pretty sure they can fix it....fingerscrossed. i'm sorry this happened.
  12. Thanks guys...does anyone have that number handy?
  13. 12127513181
  14. So sorry, Shoes! I know you're really bummed but I'm sure it can be fixed. Let us know what Hermes NYC has to say about it.
  15. Thanks Baggs....