Okay..more than one brand? A fun question of sorts.

  1. Until I found the purse forum, I was sort of clueless to most designer bags. I started with Coach and Tano....BUT the more I read and learn from you ladies I'm amazed at how many beautiful brands are out there.....

    I'm now sort of "obsessed" now with Rebecca Minkoff, LAMB and balenciaga (even though hubby would kill me if I spent this much on a bag...lol).

    Thank you all for opening my eyes to such beauties.....

    So how many of you are obsessed with more than one designer and how many?:nuts:
    If you had to put them in order from most favorite to least....what would they be?
  2. I am only obsessed with LV right now. Started with a major Dooney obsession and went to LV then Kate Spade. No KS on my short list right now. I found my dream Coach and so back to LV.
  3. I don't really think I have an obsession like some people here, but I tend to gravitate mostly towards Chanel and YSL.
  4. I wouldn't say I'm totally into one particular thing, but I guess my favorite love in Longchamp and then Chanel, then Hermes.
  5. I go through phases ... depends on the designs or the colors the designers have brought out for the collection. If I don't like any of the new styles then I tend to move on to another designer. I usually don't buy my bags because mister blah-blah made it, I buy them for the design, color or price.
  6. Chloe and Balenciaga
  7. My favorite hand bag designers are: Chloe, Balenciaga, Rebecca Minkoff, Marc Jacobs and Kooba. I love colors.. and supple leather!! I know most people might not agree with me around here but I have a strong distaste for "label brands".. I am not a fan of the bags that have the monograms everywhere such as Dooney and Coach but to each her own!!

    I like bags with a subtle - elegant - style with a bit if fun mixed in. I guess it doesn't matter to me if people know what bag I'm carrying as long as I love it.

  8. You might be surprised about this - a lot of people might agree with you after all!

    I like so many different brands, love exploring new brands I hear about on here, but to me - it's about each individual bag - not the brand. Someone recently said, every designer's line has it's gem - or something like that and I totally agree! The forum for me is about fun exploring and discovery. I am here to e x p a n d!

    Cheers to the New Year Everyone!
  9. really addicted to coach, and to a lesser extend lv, but wanna explore mj maybe in 2008
  10. Balenciaga, Rebecca Minkoff, Chanel, and just starting to learn about BE.
  11. Lv, hermes, balenciaga and gerard darel
  12. I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff and Botkier.
    Sometimes Prada.
    I try not to wander into too many other subforums because my wallet can't take any more obsessions :p
  13. My top three are Balenciaga, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I'll go in spurts ... get obsessed about one bag and then that designer/forum is my focus, and then I'll get obsessed about a bag from one of the other ones and focus there ... right now it's divided between Balenciaga and Chanel.
  14. This forum has opened my eyes to all sorts of designers! Before I pretty much only used Coach, Kate Spade, and D&B. Now I have fallen in love with several others. Currently probably my number 1 is LV, but I also love Botkier, Kooba, and Rebecca Minkoff. The order changes frequently!
  15. I'm not really obsessed with any one brand. I don't even really have a favorite. It used to be Coach, but not so much anymore. Lately I've been into Goldenbleu, Kooba and Botkier but I don't have any of those yet. Once I do, I'll probably be into something else :shrugs: