Okay, love these, might have to have....

  1. unless you guys can talk me out of it...

  2. Don't look at me-those are gorgeous!:girlsigh:
  3. I second that!!
  4. Wow, those are truly gorgeous!
  5. OMG.... good luck finding someone who will talk you out of that :smile:

    Those are stunning!
  6. Wow! Those would be a hard pair to pass up.
  7. Just gorgeous
  8. question is...how much are they?
  9. I too am unable to talk you down! LOL!
    Gorgeous shoes!
  10. I believe they run about $560. not bad for a pair of LVs.
  11. buy them buy them buy them buy them buy them buy them buy them (sorry :sad: ) theyre some HOT shoes girl!
  12. i dont like stilleto, but hey that one's F'ing gorgeous! :yes:
  13. Those are absolutely gorgeous and sexy looking. I say buy them!!!
  14. Get Em!!
  15. I could never talk you out of those beauties...