okay--lets pretend you can have any bag you want.

  1. BUT a normal bag: not a 35 croc. an everyday great bag with style thats somehow a little unique and tasteful. What would you create and why?
  2. Barenia HAC 32 with red lining, no contrast piping. Why? Because I like it ;)
  3. ^^OK, but which red???
  4. 35cm black box Birkin with ruthenium HW...just because.
  5. You caught me :graucho: - I can't decide. I think rouge vif, but rouge H would also be good.
    Oh yes, brushed palladium hardware please! Thanks!

  6. oh my god------------------imagine imagine
  7. A 32 Hac Black Fjord With Gh...just Because I Love It's Deep Dark Deliciosness!!!
    With Gold Hardware Luscious, And Sparkling!!!!!
  8. the point of this............i am trying to figure out a great neutral all purpose birkin. comments on parchemin, touterelle gray, gold...................
  9. I LOVE THIS COLOR.....parchemin!!!!
  10. I'd like a Rouge H-- or Garrance, I can't decide! 35cm Birkin (OR 32cm HAC, I love that size!) with Palladium HW :smile: That's all.

    Or a 32cm Black Clemence Kelly, PHW. Yep. Those are my bags I want :yes:
  11. 35cm clemence etoupe birkin navy lining ph.
    Because I live in jeans, I could use it every day of the week and look coordinated. hmmm....idea?
  12. 30cm Violet Chevre birkin with PHW, lilac piping, and inside lining.
  13. Oooh, yes! This sounds exquisite! I want to add one more...

    35cm Birkin etoupe togo PH
  14. I'd like a birkin 30cm in chevre coromendel with palladium hardware and white stitching. Because I prefer size 30 and I always wear black pants, and white stitching to make it a little different. :smile:
  15. 35 Clemence Potiron or Bleu Jean Birkin with palladium.

    Did I do it right? Does that all make sense? I am reaaaaaaaally new to this Birkin obsession, so I am just learning. :smile: This is what I think I have narrowed it down to. :biggrin: