Okay, last time I will ask; honest opinions needed!

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  1. Well, I finally found my dream bag; 05 Bordeaux City. As you know, I had purchased a different one off of eBay that just did not look right; too brown for me. This new one is perfect. The leather is TDF and the color is fab.

    However, I have my now lonely 05 rouge theatre sitting out on the side. That has been my go to red bag for a while.

    I realize that the two red are completely different, but which one do you think I should keep. On the plus side, I do like to wear pink and I adore the look of Bordeaux and pink. However, rouge is a great color and just so much more attention getting. I wish I could afford to keep both, but I don't know.....what would you all do? :sad: Could bordeaux take the place of rouge or would I want to beat myself over the head for giving up the rouge in such amazing condition.

    I have attached the bags side by side. Help a crazy purse addict out!!
    reds1.JPG reds.JPG
  2. I actually LOVE the rouge..so, if it were me and I'd NEED to choose btw the two, I'd go for the Rouge.

    Then again, Bordeaux isn't my 'dream bag'..so it would be a lot harder for me to choose btw that Rouge and my 'dream bag'. I know i'm not helping much, but any opinions help rite?? hehe..
  3. Absolutely!!! Please, everyone weigh in! I have had two big Margaritas so I can handle blunt honesty. Just be nice to me.:shame:
  4. definately ROUGE!!!

    Its one of the hardest colors to find, especially the rouge theatre!

    In my opinion, that is the best rouge that Balenciaga ever came out with~!

    I also had a bordeaux twiggy once, and the color just didnt get me the "umph".

    BUt if I had a choice, Id keep both! HEHEHE
  5. Rouge, much more fun and versatile!
  6. Keep the dream bag. It's such an elegant and wearable color. I think you'll get more daily wear out of bordeaux than rouge theatre. Plus, there are only two wine shades versus multiple bright red shades in the Balenciaga world. For me, personally, I like having something rarer and more unique!

    Then again....you just can't go wrong with rouge theatre. So it's a win-win!
  7. Okay, here is a second question to pose; would it be silly to keep both? I have a 05 black day with the best leather ever. If I sold that, do you think this is a bag I would be able to find again once my financial situation deems itself worthy? Why can't I sell my blue india first???? That would put a nice temporarily delay in my decision. Damn you eBay!!!
  8. I vote for rouge. I actually have 05 rouge theatre, 05 bordeaux and 06 grenat, in different styles. They go with different clothes and for different occasions.
  9. I vote to keep your Dream Bag!!!
    It's your DREAM BAG!!!
    And it is gorgeous, btw!:yes:
  10. Don't sell the black day.........that's a great bag. Keep the red that you love the most. If bordeaux is your dream color of red, then that's the keeper.
  11. Rouge, definitely!!
  12. I'd keep the Rouge!:yes:
  13. That's a really hard decision Becca... :shrugs: !? Hmmm ... I'd keep the 'dream bag' b/c it's great with your 'pinks' ! Otherwise .... the rouge is sooooo HOT :drool: and it matches with all other colors !

    The black day .... it's a keeper too - but maybe you could find this later again ?!

    If only you could keep them all ... this would be perfect :yes: !!!

    I'm sorry - I'm not very helpful, I know :shame:
  14. If you can't keep both, I would keep the Rouge !!
  15. Don`t let your dream bag go Becca ! :sad: if you do i think you will regret it all the time ...if i can have 2 different b bag styles in the same colour because i love the pale rose so much u can have 2 bags with different shades of reds :nuts: plus they are so different you cant really think about them as one colour IMHO :graucho: