Okay...last question about pochettes...

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  1. I know I've asked tons of questions about pochettes, the wapity & wallets lately, but I'm trying to figure out what I need! (Unfortunately I can't afford to get one of each!:sad:)

    The multicolore pochettes, either GM or MM - are they suitable as a clutch as well as an accessory pouch for inside a larger bag? I know they're quite flat, so I'm not sure if they hold much. I also know there is no strap of any kind, so I'm not sure if they'd look silly to carry as a clutch.

    Thanks guys! You're so helpful!
  2. I'd use them more as a pouch for inside a bag, I think they're too small to use as a clutch. The best you'd get would be the mono, damier ebene or damier azur mini pochettes.
  3. They can be hooked to the D-ring of any LV bag and serve as a pouch. The pochette in any of the other lines have a larger capacity and can also be used as a clutch purse also.