Okay ladies, this is it, the hottest color for fall handbags??????

  1. Just spoke to my sa at Saks and guess what color is coming in hot and heavy...............pewter!!!!!!!!so, get on your computers and hit the sales for anything pewter...........Ferragamo, Dolce, etc., are all bringing back pewter in many different styles.............BOOOOOOHOOOOO I just gave away my pewter prada to my daughter!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm glad to hear it! I missed out on getting a pewter Balenciaga, but now at least I'll have a chance to get a pewter bag from another designer. Thanks for the good news!
  3. YUM. Sounds great!
  4. I've been banking my money on red, which I am loving for fall, but I also love pewter--decisions, decisions! Thanks for the tip!
  5. Aw man, I wish I had bought a pewter balenciaga !

    I guess I'll just drown my sorrows in another pewter bag. :biggrin:
  6. does mj carry pewter totes?
  7. I saw the new Harpers Bazar and they have a section on Skins, Like Lizard & Snake.
  8. yep, pewter is your color, and other metallic, which should look as if they came from an archeological dig, they should not look too "Las Vegas" according to my color reports and research as reflected in the colors we developed for Pan American leathers, who are the worlds leading supplier of exotic skins. They should look antique.

    Sorry, I get really passionate about colors! I am already working on colors for Fall of 2007!

    I love the metalics for this coming fall. They are so subtle and elegant.
  9. Don't worry, your red is there too!:yes: I LOVE RED!:yes:
  10. Since we are on the subject of colors, for fall, you will be seeing some nice turquoise, purple, red, red, and more red (especially with undertones of pink), all blue shades, and periled pastels.