Okay ladies its time to come clean.....

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  1. in 2005 how many bags did you purchase? :wacko:
    How much did you spend?:cry:
    And what was the fabulous bag?:lol:

    I purchased 2 bags and was given 2 by my loving husband.
    1 LV and 3 coach
    In total I think $2K was spent.
  2. In 2005 I purchased:
    LV Cerises speedy
    LV Denim speedy
    Chloe Paddington (from my husband for my birthday)
  3. Hm let's see if I can remember that far back (as far as Jan.2005 I mean).

    Louis Vuitton:
    cerise pochette
    panda pochette
    marshmallow reade pm
    trapeze pm

    Marc by MJ:
    white leather satchel
    secret garden tote
    quilted velvet frame bag

    Coach beaded gold tote
    Coach black/black sig tote

    Burberry leather sling.

    I think that's all, at least that's all I remember.
  4. My husband bought me the LV luggage set for Xmas ( to replace the set that was stolen.... see previous post )
    Dior logo in burgundy and gold double saddle bag. ( from Santa )
  5. pewter balenciaga
    brown IF audra
    herve chapelier tote
    fendi zucca wallet

    to the tune of about $1500. but my obsession started in october, so that was in only a few months.
  6. MJ Blake
    Gucci signature hobo
    Gucci top handle in guccissima leather
    Dior Gambler

    I think it was about $3,300 or so...
  7. Hmmm... I don't think I spent too much over the past year, nothing really exciting actually....

    1 coach, 1 prada, 1 leather charles david tote, 1 michael kors. Then there's a store that sells some cute no real name bags, so I got 2 from there too.

    Probably like $1200? A few were gifts.
  8. I didn't go too crazy in 05' I bought 2 coach's and 1 Juicy. I spent about $700-$800.
  9. in 2005 I bought:
    Bally messenger bag
    Jimmy Choo tote
    Burberry clutch
    Prada hobo(that one was a gift)
    total spent...i prefer to think of total saved since i got a good deal on the jimmy choo:lol:
  10. coach: studded flap satchel, scarf print convertible flap, small soho twill tote, soho twill tote, hamptons satchel, scribble small tote, & hamptons mini tote $1150ish

    burberry: candy check mini bowler & paisley wristlet $400

    kate spade: dot noel mini paulette $100

    then one of my sisters got a few coaches and my mom bought a bunch of purses in 05, too

    now that i think about it, if my mom had taken my offer of paying $900 for the chanel reissue 2.55 and me not asking for anymore purses at all this year...she would've saved a lot of money!!
  11. Hrm.. I don't think I really want to do this.. too embarassing !

    Louis Vuitton:
    Popincourt Haut
    Pochette Accessories
    + monogram cles, white MC cles, black MC mirror, pochette extender, extra strap

    Pink Straw Boxy Tote, large
    Aubergine Signature Demi
    Black Optic Demi, small
    Pink Wave Demi
    Black Lurex Soft Demi
    Pink Signature Wristlet
    Chenile Framed Wristlet
    + azure mini skinny, black mini sig wallet

    Equestrian Knight Pochette

    The damage is around the cost of a Spy bag though. :lol:

    The most fabulous has to be the popincourt, love of my life ! 2006 will be a calmer year, I hope ! I also hope to make my first Chanel purchase.
  12. Hmm.. just the other day I was itemizing my 2005 "damages" so I actually have a list with me right here: (I know... it's sad of me... lol)

    Burberry barrel (gift)
    Fendi mini hobo
    Gucci cosmetic case
    Gucci tote
    Tod's suede satchel
    Coach bag + other accessories
    Elephant leather bag
  13. Here is my list from a similar thread:


    LV bedford
    LV batignolles horizontal
    LV MC speedy
    LV denim speedy
    Dior Paris 50s saddle
    Dior logo flowers saddle
    Dior red detective saddle
    Dior tone on tone patent black saddle
    Bottega fuscia hobo
    Chloe Paddington (also damaged)
    Fendi Spy (bad lol)
    Chanel 2.55 reissue (on waitlist for another, hopefully will come in soon)
    Chanel Sport rabbit fur bag
    Luella Giselle
    Tanner Krolle Cutter
    Dior Hardcore bag (red)
    Kate Spade diaper bag
    YSL St. Tropez
    etc etc.

    Thought of a couple more I got in 2005:

    Burberry Baby Bag
    Tod's hobo

    Not sure what the total $$$$ is on those :lol:
  14. Too much. I'll just leave it at that and work my butt of and try not to buy more soon.
  15. I hope my boyfriend doesn't see this thread if he lurks around here :lol:

    In order of first purchase to most recent.
    Coach Hamptons Buckle Hobo
    Dooney & Bourke Nile Small Business Tote
    Kate Spade Small Oliver Bag (sold it on eBay)
    LV Damier Papillon 26
    Chloe Paddington
    LV Vintage Speedy 25

    The grand total comes out to... around $2700 :shame: