okay ladies, i'm open to anything...

  1. so i'm pretty sure my grades this semester are going to allow me a new bag. lol. i don't know what i want! i'm not exactly sure what the release date of the sporty aka berkeley is going to be (i keep hearing june or july but it seems no one knows for sure) and i'm having second thoughts about a regular damier hampstead since i want to see if it comes out in azur at some point. if it does i want that in a BAD way. berkeley will be regular damier, when it does finally come out.

    catch is, whatever i get needs to be somewhere around $1,000 - if a little more i can try and come up with the cash since i am working right now, but if it's less that's even better. i'm sorta done with monogram right now though, so pretty much anything that's not monogram. what bag do you have that you just LOVE and would recommend for everyone to get their hands on one? i was thinking maybe i'd go for a few small accessory items like wallets or whatnot, but i think i'll buy them myself as this is going to be a present from my daddy.

    i'm open to anything (except monogram really...) --- what should i get????
  2. Do you have a vernis Roxburry? Went with a fellow TPFer to watch her buy one a couple of weeks ago and now I can't get it off of my mind. Soooo pretty and you'd be able to get a small accessory as well. The new Amarante color is coming out soon so that might be an option for you. Or maybe one of the new MC wallets?

    After seeing the Hampstead in real life I think the Saleya is actually a nicer looking bag.

    Maybe you can also check the reference section and read the threads about the summer bags and see if you like anything there that's coming out soon.
  3. Care to share what you already have?
  4. yeah i actually want an amarante roxbury. but the expected release date is in july...i don't know if i can wait that long! lol. plus i would need to get dad to nyc asap before he says "when are we going? if we don't go soon we can just forget it" lol. and i'd be like nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was thinking about a saleya. at this point i need to narrow down the things i want to see because if i went into LV with a completely open mind just asking to see things on the display shelf i'd be in there for hours. lol. also i'd forget about other things not on display if i didn't have a list. haha.
  5. k. there's pics in my collection showcase page, but here's what i've got:

    black MC audra
    white MC trouville
    batignolles horizontal
    black l'aimable
    marshmallow reade pm
    vavin PM
    damier azur speedy
    white MC pochette
    papillon 19
    silver miroir pochette
    perfo pochette in fuschia
    green mini denim pleaty
    keepall 45
    azur mini accessories pochette
    damier trousse make-up
    white MC cles
    monogram billfold
    pomme envelope pouch
    marshmallow vernis 3-coil bracelet

    and i think that's it? lol i'll add if i think of anything else. i think i'll go raid th LV site now and just start a list of stuff i'd like to see.
  6. mmmmm, antigua? :love:
  7. i think with that i'd want a striped one. the new blue and white stripe so caught my eye. definitely a summer bag but very pretty. anyone know if the smallest one is real tiny? it kinda looks it.
  8. I agree the Antigua is very cute, but the small one looks quite wee! I would need to see it IRL and try to put all of my endless stuff in it!
  9. my problem is i like some of the bigger bags but i don't carry hardly anything! i find myself trying to even fill my speedy 25...i have to try and throw in my sunglasses case and usually i have a hard time trying to find other stuff i really don't need to take with me, but stuff just so it will fill the bag! lol. the smaller one might be okay for me. the measurements on the site don't seem too tiny. anyone have one?
  10. okay i have narrowed it down i think.

    beverly mm
    mini lin bucket in ebene or dune
    hampstead pm (anyone know if it's coming in azur??)
    saleya pm -- even though i like it better in azur...
    damier brera (anyone know the price?)
    epi montaigne clutch in ivoire
    antigua cabas (navy striped) pm or mm

    anyone have a vote? i'm probably going to look at all these when i go but does anyone have an opinion?
  11. no one wants to help :sad:
  12. out of your list i'd pick the saleya and antigua cabas in mm. the saleya pm is too short to carry on the shoulder (don't know if that's a factor for you). plus, the antigua pm seems too tiny to me.
  13. nope, most of my bags are hand-held...i'm not much of a shoulder bag person so the saleya pm would work for me. only problem is i like the azur one better, but if the hampstead eventually comes out in azur i'd rather have that in azur. i don't want too much azur you know? maybe 2 pieces...afterall i am still planning on a damier sporty, aka berkeley.
  14. just wait for the Azur Berkley! maybe get some small accessories for it to tide you over till the bag arrives.
  15. i was thinking i'd get that some other way. lol. my mom said i'll need to keep it under $1000, or if it's a little over i can probably add to it myself...but $500 is a more than a little over. lol.