okay ladies...i need help

  1. sooo i wanna get my boyfriends mother a louis vuitton purse but shes like super picky....she wants a purse that is like long and rectangular, can be worn on the shoulder or the arm..front pockets...long enough to hold mail...and seperated in the center..(for like 2 sides....one side for mail...one side for wallet and stuff......)

    does anyone know a Louis Vuitton purse like this?? i tried looking but couldnt find one.

  2. Maybe the multipli-cite. It is rectangular, can be worn on th shoulder or arm and has front pockets that could hold small envelopes. However, the inside doesn't have a divider. Just a thought. :shrugs:
  3. thanks ill check it out....she has too many damn specifics. lol.
  4. I quite like this one:

    [​IMG]Cité MM

    I am not sure how the inside look like.
  5. Hudson? I am a shoulder bag kind of gal.
  6. it has to be something either monogram or multiicolore
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