Okay ladies, here are some Kooba pics!!!!!

  1. I'm going to post a few pics of the Koobas in my life :smile:
    Thought I'd share either way since some people PM'ed me to see some bags I currently have.
    IMG_3432 (Small).JPG IMG_3439 (Small).JPG IMG_3442 (Small).JPG IMG_3514 (Small).JPG IMG_3517 (Small).JPG
  2. more...
    IMG_3447 (Small).JPG IMG_3506 (Small).JPG IMG_3460 (Small).JPG IMG_3507 (Small).JPG IMG_3505 (Small).JPG
  3. more
    IMG_3517 (Small) (2).JPG IMG_3536 (Small).JPG IMG_3538 (Small).JPG
  4. More to come (I promise).
  5. Woo hoo! It is fun to see your Koobas and I like them all.

    I have been carrying one of my Tano's in a hot summer color but seeing your photos makes me want to switch back to a REAL bag again. *s
  6. Oh, so many:love: lovekooba, might be a good idea to post them in the sticky thread up there with the rest of the photos, just so this thread doesn't get lost...

    Love that Marcelle!!:heart::heart:
  7. Love, love, LOVE your pictures! That Frankie, is it?, is darling!

    LadySalesRep, I'm doing the same thing as you! Been carrying Sexy Terry for awhile now and I have to admit its really a fun bag and I get lots of compliments on it..but I miss that leather smell..ahh!
  8. Wow, lookie at all those! Lucky girl!
    What are your favorites?
  9. Love that Gold (or is it Pewter) Claudia (or is it a Chaira...LOL). I'm a sucker for anything metallic.

    And the Mocha/Champaigne Taylor is luscious. That is one bag I wouldn't mind having.
  10. Is this the same bag in all three pics? I really like the color of that Chiara in the pic of you on the stairs... It looks lighter and more versatile than in the other two (which I assume are with flash?).

    Is that bronze? Beautiful!!!

    EDIT: Oops, the attachments didn't show. I am referring to Post #3
  11. I was going to ask the same thing! The metallics are lovely. What is the name of the colour(s) and the bag(s)? Please share! :yes:
  12. Wow, that's quite the collection! They all look great on you!!
  13. My, aren't you the lucky girl! I didn't realize that the Frankie was such a generously sized bag. Love the Marcelle, too. Very nice...
  14. beautiful!