okay, just how tiny do you have to be to fit into CL boots?

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  1. Eyeing some boots for fall but don't think I'll ever fit into them considering how tiny the shaft seems to be! How wide in circumference is the widest, most forgiving CL boot and how tiny do I have to be to fit into it? :P
  2. ha, ha...you said "tiny shaft"...
  3. cfellis did measurements of a pair of boots in her collection thread.
  4. I assume the circumference depends on the shoe size :shrugs:
  5. The widest part of my calf measures 12 inches and most CL boots are still loose on me. However, the bigger problem is height. Most CL boots are too long, length wise for me.

    I actually wish that there are CL boots for petite girls or I haven't tried on the right pair yet.
  6. ah...thanks for the link and pointing me in the right direction. it looks like they'd never fit me unless i starve myself for the next year. think i'm giving up on boots :Push: ah well, more $$ for c'est moi booties hehe :graucho:
  7. I have rather large calves (I think anyway) and have had trouble with CL 'shafts' :shame:

    But my Bourges fit perfectly over my muscular calves :tup:

    So I think it's a matter of the style itself, as always ;)
  8. Does anyone know if the measurements would vary by shoe size?

    I would be very embarrassed if I went to try on boots and my calves couldn't fit in them.
  9. ^^ me too, which is why i wanted to ask first....
  10. ^^The measurements were taken from size 39 or 39.5, I think, so I'm guessing that your size would be about the same or a little smaller.
  11. No idea, but cfellis said she had hers stretched by her cobbler.
  12. I have pretty thin calves and my Alta Ariella boots are snug, so I wouldn't recommend those. In fact, they are about the only pair of boots I've found that actually fit my calf. Usually they gape open on me.

  13. OMG I just measured mine....I always knew they were "muscular" but holy :wtf: mine are huge.......I have never tried on a pair of CL boots cause I know they just wouldnt fit.....but this might be blasphemy....I had a rather pushy persistent SA at NM make me try on the Pescalare MB ones.....I told him if they fit I'd buy them cause NONE had ever fit me.... sure enough I walked out with them...they're suede and stretchy enough to fit over my stupidly large muscular calves.

    Good luck RainyJewels! Post pics....I :drool: over the CL boots!
  14. Different sizes fit differently, maybe not much, but they should change proportionately as heel heights do. As far as a tight fit, the Altas are definitely more snug than my Babel or my Bourge boots. NOT by too much though and they are a 1/2 smaller. Again, as stated above, it is possible to get a cobbler to stretch them out. You just have to find one that wants to do things slow and the right way. Things tend to stretch better under heat and time.