Okay! I've narrowed it down to two!

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  1. I can't choose and I'm driving myself nuts obsessing about it!!! It will be my very first chanel and I really need your help! I'm torn between the black caviar jumbo flap or the Black caviar GST. Let me give you some information about myself to help...:yes:

    1) I would like a bag that is both day and evening, dressy and casual. Now important note, the only things I really dress up for are dinners, clubs, etc. no fancy events.

    2) I'm 26 years old

    3) I am only 5'1" so I don't want the bag to overtake me!

    I would really like your input!
  2. Screams black caviar Jumbo to me :yes:

  3. same with me!:yes:
  4. ^^ITA. I think the flap will fit your lifestyle more.
  5. I would have to agree with Jumbo flap also. I'm just under 5'2" and I think the Jumbo isn't overwhelming AT ALL. It really can be dressed up or down too. It's the perfect choice! Good luck! (But I'm sure everyone who responds to this will all tell you jumbo!)
  6. Ohhhh, definitely the Black caviar Jumbo IMO! :love: I'm right around your age (25), and I think the Jumbo transitions much better from casual day to casual chic, or dressier clothing. :tup: I had and returned a GST, because I found it to be a bit boxy, but it's still a gorgeous classic tote. :heart: Sooo... post pics of that gorgeous Jumbo if you do bring her home hehe!! ;)
  7. Jumbo sounds like the perfect bag for your requirements.
  8. Jumbo flap:tup::tup:
  9. I second that! I love my black caviar jumbo and find it perfect for daily and dressy use (I'm 23 and I find it gives me more refined classic look than my chanel totes but isn't too "old lady" or anything)
  10. Jumbo!
  11. I'd go with a medium flap, personally. I'm also around your height.
  12. the jumbo sounds like just what you need! :smile:
  13. I love the Jumbo, but I have to say, I use my GST more!!!!

    not helping much am I :biggrin: hee hee
  14. jumbo flap!
  15. Jumbo!!! you wont be sorry its the perfect bag and goes with everything