Okay, I've got a (urp!) question about my tummy

  1. Okay, girls. Here's a question I don't like talking about or even hearing about in company, but I have had indigestion all day. I've already taken an extra strength Rolaids chew, and at least the maximum dosage of simethicone you're supposed to have in one day. I even chewed some fennel seed earlier and washed it down with water, because fennel is supposed to have natural anti-gas properties. I know I haven't been eating enough vegetables lately, but I do try to make sure I get enough fiber every day. It started today after I had a BLT for lunch with a Dr. Pepper, and then I had a latte with a friend. Still, I feel like somebody could stick a pin in me, and my belly would pop! Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I'm beggin' here!
  2. try renitidene (sp?) its really good. you can get it from the pharmacy, not sure about ts brand name.
  3. [SIZE=-1]Ranitidine is the generic name for Zantac[/SIZE]
  4. I really hope you feel better soon!
  5. I don't have any suggestions..sorry.
    Feeling any better today?
  6. Yeah, thanks. I guess the meds started kicking in. I still ended up taking some Pepto in the morning to help ease things. I was afraid the indigestion would keep my up all night, but fortunately, I was able to sleep really well. I woke up from some weird dreams a few times, but I was always able to go right back to sleep. Speaking of which, I should be headed that direction soon...

    I'll look into the Zantac, though. I prefer natural solutions or OTC when I can get them, but this does seem to be a family problem.
  7. I've been looking into irritable bowel syndrome. my tummy gets real poofy after eating certain foods. Dairy is a big culprit. Have you looked into that? I noticed you had a latte.
  8. I agree, IBS could be a possibilty, especially how I read in your last post, it is a family problem(I believe this is hereditary.) It was mentioned to me before by my doctor, but I never got formally diagnosed with it, but I would research it if I were you, there is a medicine out there that helps it. Good luck!
  9. as you prefer natural remedies try charcoal it absorbs gas
  10. It might be the bacon. I had pasta carbonara yesterday with bacon and man! I was so gassy and bloated. I'm feeling better today.
  11. You know, merika, I was thinking last night as I went to bed that I'll bet it was the bacon. Since it was fast food, it was probably really greasy.

    Bagnshoo, I've read about IBS before, but I really don't have the symptoms. And, related to another thread in this section, I do tend to have a problem "blocking up," and am constantly trying to eat enough fiber. Sometimes, in spite of my efforts, I still get into some trouble in that area, and that contributes as well.

    Label Addict, I used to use charcoal, but I forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to stop in at the health food store later and pick up a bottle to keep on hand.
  12. Try eating two or three figs(fresh is better but dried is ok),drink plenty of water, avoid beef(it takes too long for the human body to process it so it increases bloating as well), eat salads or boiled vegetables with plenty of olive oil!

  13. This happens to me everytime I have a heavy meal, the other day I ate three slices of pizza and I wanted to die, seriously, my belly hurted so much and I couldn't sleep all night. I dont drink any soda but a little of bit of diet 7up with salt will help me a lot. The las thing you want to do is move when your tummy hurst and its all bloaded but doing some squats helps too, laugh if you want but it helps (it will make you fart :roflmfao::roflmfao:) Ranitidine will help
  14. Some people have problems with their stomachs emptying. Are you diabetic by chance? If not, are you constipated too? It could also be slow transit where food just takes longer to move through the system. If none of the above, then maybe it's just acid reflux which I believe gets worse with soda and greasy foods? You should go to a Gastroenterologist. They have all sorts of great tools to determine the problem. Why suffer? I hope you feel better. I hate getting that bloated feeling.
  15. Try Gas-X tabs. They work great.