Okay Ive Decided On The Little Stam..

  1. but what colour do you prefer?

    id wear it with grey/navy/black/blue sweats and a tee or dark jeans and a tee.
    an every day type of colour..
  2. i'm biased towards the black baby stam.
  3. I like brown. Black is very boring. But if you like Black bags then go for it. What other colors does the stam come in?
  4. I've seen a burgundy one at www.saks.com before (it's not there anymore :sad: ). That's a nice color and would go nicely with your colors :yes: .
  5. yeah, i second the burgundy one.. it will contrast nicely with your clothing. not many around anymore though...
  6. Colors for Fall '06 Quilted Frame styles:

    Little Stam
    12.5 x 8.5 x 3.5"
    Colors: Chestnut, Black, Mouse, Cashew,

    16 x 11 x 6"
    Colors: Chestnut, Cashew, Black, Mouse,
  7. Agree with AbagLover & Thithi, the burgundy color is nice, its official name is Bordeaux. =) I recently got a Quilted Venetia in that color, it's even more beautiful in icey leather. YUM! =) I would love to see Violet though.
  8. Colors of regular Stams:
    <Suede Lining>
    Black, Taupe, Petrol, Bordeaux, Violet, Pearl (Ivory), Putty, Ivory,
    <Canvas Lining>
    Blush, (Patent Leather), Chalk (PL), Cola (PL), Black, Bronze, Camel, Cashew, Mouse, Chestnut, anymore?

    Colors of little Stams:
    Black, Taupe, Petrol, Bordeaux, Violet, Pearl, Chestnut, Mouse, Cashew. Not sure whether this baby came in Blush, Chalk, Cola, Putty, Camel, Bronze.
  9. wow thats alot of choices!!
  10. The older colors are very hard to find now, they have pretty much sold out. You should be able to find little Stam in Fall 06's colors (Black, Chestnut, Mouse, Cashew, ..). Which color are you thinking of?