okay..I've been forced to change my avatar

  1. My little one was jealous that I posted pics of her sis..so I have changed my avatar to her and her bear "groovy"..she has had him since she was 9 months old..and she is now 6 1/2..he's her best friend!!:smile: That's the problem with having 2 girls they both want to be a "star"!!:lol:
  2. Your daughter is beautiful!
  3. Awww, she's adorable...
  4. haha! that's so cute about your two daughters =)

    Both your daughters are equally beautiful, pass my words onto them k?
  5. Wow...your daughter is so pretty! She could be a model or is she already?.....I'm not kidding. I use to deal with child models (makeup artist) and she could definitely be one.
  6. that is why everything i use that involves their pictures .. i HAVE to put BOTH of them .. :smile:
    if my son or daughter even asked me why i have the other's pic and not theirs .. i would cry! . im too sensetive about jealousy i dont know why ... so i dont even give them a chance ;)
  7. She's not a model but she would like to be ..she's always practicing her "supermodel" walk..and telling us how "fierce" she is:lol:
  8. I love your avatar! Please tell her I said she is just beautiful and yes, very fierce as well! Groovy looks very happy and well loved! Great picture! ;)
  9. thanks print model..everytime I see your picture..I think of how you remind me of Vanessa Bell Calloway..who I think is gorgeous!
  10. Awww your daughter and Groovy are both adorable. :love: Tell her to keep practicing her fierce walk.
  11. beautiful! :smile:
  12. Awww!! She's beautiful!
    Do what I do, change it about every week!
  13. Kids are so funny, lol. Btw you can have put your other daughter's pic in your signature too. This way none of them feel jealous!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. She is so cute I love her smile and the teddybear!