Okay, it's official.. my BJ is shipped

  1. I just shipped my clemence bj birkin this afternoon to its new mama. I'm kinda sad actually. Although now I have some funds lying around for a new bag, but as I was wiping and preparing the bag for shipment, I realized it was so pretty :sad: I walk around in front of the mirror with it one last time and finally put it to the box and close it. There, I made my last goodbye..

    Bj is such a beautiful color. Perhaps one day it'll be replaced.. perhaps.. :noworry:

    Sorry, I just need to vent a lil bit..
  2. It must have been a very nostalgic moment.

    The bright side is that you have new funds for your new bag which you'll love even more!!!
  3. Nostalgic? well I guess you can say that.. :P

    But yeah, thanks for reminding me about the possibility of a new bag! That really keeps me going. Damn! I'm so busy this week, I cant go to Hermes. I HAVE to go next week!

    Btw, the buyer offered to buy my blue thalassa birkin as well. I said, nope thank u very much lady, she's stayin'!
  4. Sarah, I'm sorry, that is sad. At least you still have your beautiful Thalassa Blue Birkin (I am so in :love: with that bag) and your Kelly. And now you have more funds and will be ready when the perfect bag arrives.:flowers:
  5. It's always tought to say goodbye to a beautiful bag...but I predict that good things will come your way!
  6. That must have been so hard! But like everyone else said, look forward to the future and whatever birkin you decide to get next. And your birkin and kelly will help ease the sting whenever you get sad :smile:
  7. The colors of your bags were so similar - you did the right thing!! Other bags to come!
  8. Sorry to hear that, but think a new Birkin in a new color! Eww,... what are you thinking of doing with the money!!!!
  9. Kudos to you for letting it go. Don't worry, I'm sure it's going to a good home.
  10. ohhh, tough decision... I don't know, i might cry...:cry: :cry:

    Anyway, what color do u have in mind this time, sarah??? Maybe an ostrich????:graucho: :graucho:
  11. Hmmmm, what do I want for my next Hermes? A birkin for sure, I wanna get another kelly but perhaps not now. So, birkin first..

    Hermesbb, an ostrich??? WOW, that sounds fabu! I dont mind saving some more money to upgrade to ostrich :love:

    I'm thinking raisin in box calf or rouge h in box calf/chamonix.. or vibrato in 30 cm = IDEAL! :heart:
  12. I think raisin box would look lovely! I saw a 35cm with fushia piping and it was gorgeous! I love raisin in box.
  13. I could see you with raisin in box...it just POPS with gorgeous color. You are not afraid of color and it would be a great addition to what you already own. I think it would be lovely and where I am at not many people want raisin at all or even know about the color I am told. Keep us posted!

  14. Yea, I'm hoping there wouldnt be many box or raisin fans in here in my city, so I hope I can get it easier (I hope).

    Btw, you got it right about the color thing. I guess I prefer fun colors for my birkins/kelly. Dont get me wrong, I want neutrals too, but perhaps later on when I'm older.. And from previous experience, I found that I rarely use my black/brown bags.. Although black box birkin sounds pretty yummy too :idea:
  15. Miss Sarah, you definitely are an Hermes convert! Any interest w/ a Thalassa Box Kelly, lol? I'm saving up for my 1st Birkin and sadly, I must part w/ this to get one.:shame: