Okay, it's OFFICIAL! I'm addicted!!

  1. Today I went to the Coach store at our local mall and I bought Coach sunglasses, the purple dragon fly keychain Pave and a bleeker leather wallet. All for Valentine's Day!!!

    Someone stop me before I do something to hurt myself!!! ::nuts: Is there such a things as TOO Much Coach?? :hrmm:

    After I get my new Brown Coach glasses, I am OFFICIALLY on a ban!!
    Yeah right...:s
  2. P.S. I got to look at the stuff being released next month!! YAY!!! And I got put on a list of some kind!!!:confused1:
  3. No there's no such thing :roflmfao:
    Congrats on your new goodies!!!:yahoo:
  4. No such thing as too much Coach. :nogood: :graucho:

    Congrats on your purchases! What color Bleecker? And what did you see that is coming out next month? Inquiring minds want to know!
  5. What?!?!? Too much Coach?!?! No way!!! I was at the mall again today and I will be going to the outlets on Thursday because I have a credit that I got today and is already burning a hole in my Carly. lol I bought the dragonfly keyfob and I LOVE it and esp cuz its purple :heart:
  6. Yowza! Great haul!! Now you have to tell us whats coming out next month!!:nuts:
  7. ok..spill the beans! What did you see? Anything worth waiting for? Any new Legacy bags?
  8. I have a question, anyone have a picture of the Carrie??

    The blue scarf print pouch is coming out but it's coming in like 4 different SIZES!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

    And one of the resorts has a new color...I need to ask my friend, she has a better memory than I do!!! LOL
  9. She put me on an email list for Legacy exclusives cause I called to order a Carrie at the Legacy boutique in teal/blue etc and they were OUT!!! HOWEVER, it's coming in in April or May!! Yay!!!
  10. Oh, and the sunglasses I got were the Addison in Black!!! They are so cute!

  11. hmmm......scarf print and a new resort bag color is all she showed you?....:confused1: bummer
  12. No, I want to say there were more but for the life of me I only looked at the ones I wanted. UGH! LOL
  13. What is a Carrie?!!
  14. Ohhh, I remember one of the resorts totes had these fake flower looking things on it. Seriously, It was something my grandma might carry. I was not impressed, it's suppose to come out like mid-late February.
  15. congrats! And no there is no such thing as too much Coach! :p