okay ineed a suga daddy

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  1. I like this bag a lot


    i know my s/o is goin to look at me craZy when i say i want this
  2. hehe just tell him you're worth it! :smile: Its nice to get a cute bag from your s/o though, especially when they pick it out themself or surprise you!
  3. [​IMG]

    And this one

    dont mind me am just trippin out and goin throgh a mild withdraw :amazed:
  4. HaHa-- a sugar daddy! I just want to hit the lotto or something
  5. Yeah hitting the lotto would rock! :smile: I personally like "scratch cards". LOL Bad me... :smile:
  6. lol I always win like $50 on scratch cards but forget to send them in. We don't have the lotto here so that would be the only way to collect the money.