Okay, I'm upto no good again!

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  1. I'm a cheat to myself! :nogood:

    Time to fess up.

    I promised myself that I would not and will not purchase another Hermes bag unless it was a Lindy. Today temptation struck again. I'm seriously no good! :roflmfao:

    I have been contacted by one of my fave ebay sellers on a scrumptious bag that she has available that I once requested. I'm going to start chewing my nails again because this is one bag that I've been longing for. So I sit here now with this question that I'm going to have rumbling in my brain for the next few hours. Should I or shouldn't I? that is the question of the day. It's not about the $$ god knows I could buy a bag a week if I wanted too. It's about necessity and "Do I really need another bag" :confused1: HELL YES I DO!!!! :yahoo: I just answered my own question! Darn it, I'm my own enabler! :Push:

    I'M GONNA GET THE BAG!!!!! I need to go make space now! Damn, now Lindy has to wait until I have my next H withdrawals :supacool:

    Oh yes mama's gettin a new baby! :wlae::wlae:
  2. Umm...if you should have any need to unload your black box/ruthenium Birkin in efforts to clear way for the new, I'd be more than happy to oblige!! :graucho:
  3. Oh no! BBR will be with me forever!!!! I love that bag so much. I seriously have fallen so hard for Box Leather. I found myself loving my BB Birkin more than any bag in my closet. She is the bag I use the mostest!
  4. ^^I'm so glad! I remember how you were afraid to use her when she was new. That is my grail Birkin. Someday!!
  5. Yes, I believe that The Black Box Birkin with RH was my "Grail" Birkin
  6. Okay, I think I have a problem here! I changed my mind again! I've been going through this the whole day! I don't know I think I'm gonna lose my head tonight. I just love this bag soooooo much.
  7. Whoa, Baby.......you can't leave us in the dark, Bagsy! Give us at least a hint or two!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  8. Details! We need details!
  9. arrghh! It's box leather and something I vouched not to get any more of :nuts:
  10. I would have to be nuts not to get this bag!
  11. Color: Noisette - the perfect neutral for me
  12. Okay - Birkin or Kelly....?

    You can never have too much box!
  13. Birkin
  14. oooo,... what do I do!
  15. Welllllll, hmmmmm. You don't have too much brown in your collection? Right? It might be a nice fall bag?