okay, i'm sorry, but i'm really disturbed right now....

  1. someone, somewhere needs to pay for this....talk about a crime against fashion! (ps, if you own this, i'm really sorry....but i'm guessing you'd think my bags were completely ugly too, if that helps)

    huge rant in my blog about it, if anyone's interested...i just couldn't control myself.

  2. yes, that's totally and absolutely heinous, but I like that it's different at least. I am sure some people will love it :smile:
  3. it's like a Playskool childrens bag
  4. Yeah, it's pretty ugly. I don't know what the folks at Dooney were thinking.
  5. shoppingsmycard, I really like your blog!

    I predict that bag will be a hit. It was just a matter of time before somebody started doing something with those little outside pockets, and as the designer bag craze creeps down through the junior highs, infusing the middle schools, spawning little tendrils, wafting their insidious way toward the elementary schools, Luna is right on the money, and the company that made the bag is being very forward thinking, seeking to wrap up this lucrative market.

    It looks from the picture that each pocket is designed to be a perfect fit for a Crayola 16-pack! Maybe the next incarnation of the bag can be done in plain white vinyl, and include the crayolas as a Special Gift, to encourage the Littlest Aspiring Designers to color their bags according to their own budding tastes!
  6. not my style, but I think it's cute!
  7. The colors remind me of Play-doh. You never know what will catch on.:shrugs:
  8. I think it's cute...like some baby's toy! It's definitely an attention-catcher!
  9. I looks like playdough, like a bag a preschooler would carry.
  10. it looks like its part of a clown costume
  11. thanks!

    :roflmfao: you crack me up, shimmapuff....i love it!
  12. WOW - that's a Dooney??? And $365???? To each her own, I suppose.
  13. It looks like it should be saying FEED ME!!
  14. I can think of a lot more tasteful ways to spend $365.00 Blech!
  15. shimmapuff, - you are too funny!!! the bag is rather american indian type look - definitely makes a statement (of what i am not sure)