Okay Im so old (and SORE)

  1. I spent the past three days ripping up my carpets, removing the tile's below it and putting in new laminate floors. My body is so wrecked. I havent been exercised in months and all this work, lifting, bending, getting down and up, has me in serious pain! Everything hurts! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow so I can actually sit still for at least 5 hours. :Push:

    The floors are simply amazing though, Im so glad I was able to restrain myself and use my tax return on this and not more purses. Now I wont feel guilty at all when I indulge on my next one ;) I will post pics when I can move to get my camera and find the cord that goes with it.
  2. Renovating your own home is a ton of work, but gratifying!!! GOOD FOR YOU!

    Yes, you deserve a new handbag!
  3. I think, in order to get the seratonin pumping properly you need a new bag.
  4. Hey, I know big guys that complain about jobs like that. In my opinion, you deserve an award for what you've done. In the mean time maybe some ibuprofen and some checking out bags on the net so you can rest.
  5. I ripped up on the carpeting in the apartment I lived in before the one I live in now. The woman who sold the apartment was a real b*tch and had agreed to do it before she left. Somehow it got left out of the contract and I got stuck with the job and my hands were raw for days. Definitely do something to pamper yourself!
  6. I hope you feel better soon!
  7. Wow! You put in the laminate floors on your own?? Do you know how much money you saved?? Enough to buy a new purse!!!!!!!