Okay, I’m Senile.

  1. I volunteered to go to the zoo with my granddaughter’s kindergarten class. Yesterday I went out and bought sun block for kids, hand sanitizer, water, sugarless gum, and a pack of Wet Ones, I even went to Old Navy and bought a large canvas tote packed it all up,and arranged to have the car for today.

    Then this morning I woke my granddaughter up early (She’s in afternoon kindergarten) dressed her, myself and was at the school at 8:30 AM ready to go. When we walked into the class room the teacher informed me the class trip is May 4th!!

    Poor little thing I had her so hyped up to go to the zoo today, I made up to her by taking her to Starbucks for a kid’s Cocoa and a cinnamon roll. Grandma is loosing it. :shame:
  2. I am queen of the senile club. don't feel bad. you made it up to her. at least you are ready to go for the big day! what zoo are you going to?

    and are you a Steve Martin fan? (your sign-off sounds like it!)
  3. Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. But I think I'm Queen you can be Princess.;)
  4. Well you're a wonderful grandma ...she gets 2 treats now!!!

  5. I love Steve Martin, remember the old days of SNL he was the best.
  6. Steve's one of my favorite comics of all time! Love his movies.

    He hates these cans!
  7. Yea, this happens to me all the time and I'm not even 30 yet! Don't feel bad! That's the wonderful thing about little ones, they are easily distracted! What fun to take her to Starbucks, what a treat!

    What a wonderful grandma you are for volunteering! And how thoughtful you were for being so prepared! You guys will have a blast!

    I LOVE the zoo. We are lucky to have two world famous zoos here in San Diego! We are so proud of all our new babies at the zoo, especially the pandas!! But we read recently that China is asking too much for loaning us these pandas (at all the zoos) so we may have to give them up! I hope not! :sad: So when you go, please make sure to spend a good amount of time with the pandas because they may all be leaving us soon! Let's hope not.... Check out our newest edition! They are so small when they are born, like a stick of butter they say! It's amazing how small they start off and end up so big and beautiful!

    you have to check this out... SO CUTE!

    You might think you are going senile, I have definitely lost it. I paid for a $6K seminar. One weekend a month for the next 3 months. I was so excited, I marked it in my calendar and everything. Had all my supplies ready, figured out what I was going to wear. On Monday, I logged on the website to read about it again, and to my horror, I missed the first 2 seminars already, they were LAST weekend! Talk about $2K down the drain! I think I need more than a Starbucks to get me over this one! :smile:

    Have fun at the zoo!! :smile:
  8. iliabags -Oh no that’s terrible can you get your money back?

    Thanks for the link to the pandas I showed it to my granddaughter she got a kick out of it.
  9. no, no money back.... :sad:

    Here's the link to the LIVE CAM.... its fun to watch.... they flash back between the different pandas/areas. Your granddaughter might like it.

    There are also other live cams for the rest of the animals in the zoo that are really cute. They just really hype up the pandas. And us San Diegans are really proud of Hua Mei and Su Lin! :smile: How can we not be, are they not the cutest?!

  10. San Diego has such great programs. I wish our zoo had the money they have to spend. : (
  11. am good for doing this ......
  12. LOL!
    Don't worry I'm 31 and did something silimar a few weeks ago!

    I took my daughter to a birthday party ON THE WRONG DAY!!!!
    OMGosh I about died!!!
    It was at a venue, not at a home thank goodness, but I took her to a Build A Bear place to make up for it! LOL!
  13. quite a few years ago, before my mom passed, we were having coffee one morning and she was commenting on how I'd be turning 36 that year. I was like, "no mom, I'm only 34", to which she replied, "I beg to differ, you are 35 and I should know!" I had to actually get my drivers license out to look at my birthdate. She was right. How lame am I?
  14. I get my age wrong by a year all the time. It takes me the whole darn year to get used to the new number then...BAM...it's my birthday again lol.

    My poor parents...a few years back they were planning this big deal for their 25th wedding anniversary...the look on their faces when I said it's only their 24th!! I could only then say "Well, don't you feel younger now?" LOL

    In two weeks I'm going to be at the San Diego zoo. I soo can't wait! Hopefully I'll get to the Wild Animal Park too!
  15. oh the wild animal park is theeee best! try to take the safari ride and you'll get to feed the rhinos and the giraffes off the back of a flatbed truck!