okay, i'm moving, can someone give me ideas on how to pack my bags...lol

  1. i don't have many bulky bags, just 2 speedies, soufflot and my med hobo gucci bag. I dunno what to do with the speedies, fold them or leave them upright....and btw, these babies are going to be with me the ENTIRE time! no movers' hands are going to touch that golden box..lol
  2. so far they look like this, the two speedies are in the bottom folded flat...

    i feel sorry for them :sad:
  3. oh, and this is totally OT, but look how hot the epi soufflot looks with suuuper casual clothes. Sorry, I couldn't help but be clicker happy with my digi cam tonight..lol

    enjoy :p back to packing I go!
    DSC03871.JPG DSC03874.JPG
  4. I know how you feel with your Speedy...I had to pack mine in a tiny box and ship it all the way to Canada from Hong Kong...
  5. I packed mine in a box similar to yours, taped it shut myself and labeled it baby clothes or something like that and put it in my daughters bedroom ;). I wanted desperately to take them with me, but we were moving cross country and had to fly so I couldn't pack them in the car or anything.

    I thought about that box the entire week! I was desperate to find it when the movers finally unloaded at our new house. I could have cared less if they lost all of my furniture but that box...whooaaa I would have been livid!

    Good luck on your move!!
  6. Folding them up shouldn't be too bad if it's only going to be a few days. ;)

    The first thing I would take into consideration is this: How far am I moving? If you are going to travel by plane, then you should definitely consider packing your bags and shipping them by mail (insurance, confirmation/tracking #, everything)...You could also consider using one as a carryon and fitting the bags inside one bag (or hiding your bags into another carryon duffle), but only if it would work (I don't recommend this unless you are super anal about mail). I don't really trust leaving bags for the airline to take care of, and this is the same way I feel about LV luggage. Again, folding should be fine because it'll only be a short period of time.

    If you are going on the road, then you could consider stuffing your bags...have you ever considered trying to fit one speedy inside another (because I know you have a 35 and 30...right?). That might be able to save space and make your bags less likely to crease.

    Good luck with moving!
  7. Pack them in something water proof as well...better safe than sorry!!!
  8. thanks for the advice everyone!!!

    bernz - i'm moving in the same city just going from south end to north end LOL..it'll be about 30 mins away max. the box will never leave my side, my bf is helping us move and this box (with my bags) will be in his car with us.

    rileygirl - i put "do not wet" on the box..lol. I think more for me than others so I know that it's my bags in there.
  9. OMG, I am moving too and I have all these bags that can't be squished or folded and have to sit up and not fall over and it's driving me insane!!!

    Right now I have them all placed single file in separate boxes. It's a bit of a pain though since you can't maximize the space in each box!

    Sorry for being slightly OT.
  10. folding them wont be too bad....as long as when you arrive or unpack..stuff with loads of tissue paper so the shape returns to normal :smile:
  11. ^I agree, stuff the ones that you are keeping unfolded and your Speedies should be ok because it will just be for a day or so. Good luck on the move!
  12. do you have any big boxes from the designers? i have a huge marc jacobs and balenciaga box that fits about 3 speedies stuffed each lol. i would suggest stuffing the bags and putting them in boxes.
  13. i am moving as well . i'm in packing hell and have left all by purses for the very end. i am packing each of them in there individual louis vuitton box. my dh thinks i'm insane, but if anything happens to those bags .. god bless whoever is standing next to me. i could care less if my china chips ... but those bags better be perfect !! i am personally taking 2 trips to move the boxes of bags .. i refuse to have a stranger touch them. and as soon as i get to the new house .. i am loading them in a closet upstairs , so that they are nice and safe! :smile:
  14. I move alot and this is why i keep every single HARD sided LV box!!!!
    When I do move with them I put the bags in the dustbag and box and then wrap a bag around each box...and then into the big box!
    If I were moving cross-country I would FedEx them to myself!

    I think you'll be fine folding the speedy...after all...they come that way to the stores!!! Shoot...my poor speedy is all folded up right now...I've got to take that poor baby out!
  15. if its just 30 mins, your bag will not sustain any damage by folding. it will be just fine!

    i wish you no stress on your move and good luck in your new place!