okay im' jumping in and going to change!

  1. (im' going to ramble for awhile but mostly you can just post 'you can do it!' and that's about it, haha!)

    well i know in theory that to change your life you should change your workout and your eating habits but try as i might...i just don't think i can fully change my eating habits (although i did give up burgers, cheeseburgers and fried chicken...which was tough!) and part of the problem is my lovely bf is an enabler even when he doesn't mean to be because we love the same foods (pasta, pizza, etc etc..ice cream!!) and since we trade off making dinner (and are rather poor) we eat cheap and easy food that isn't always very good for you.

    about 6 months ago i got heavily into rock climbing and was going twice a week but then it became financially impossible...until about three days ago. so i'm getting back into climbing and ideally back into yoga. and i am hoping that with everyone else in this subforum working their bums off i can too! plus my job has an in-house gym and i've never used it and even just 45 minutes on the bike or treadmill would make a huge difference (i think) than the nothing i currently do. it is just frustrating because i can never seem to work exercise into my schedule, i feel like it's just impossible! there are things i need to do 3x a week and maybe i should just get off my lazy bum and start working out those other 4 days. or using the gym here esp snice it's free!

    so this is my plan! (starting tomorrow because i don't have any workout clothes and don't want to get my nice skirt and shirt all sweaty)

    no i changed my mind...i'll go home, change my clothes and tehn go to a yoga class. it's a long commute but i will do it!
    workout in my company gym 2-3x a week, climb 2x a week (and bring it up to 3x) and ideally throw in a yoga/pilates class (this is the tough one since the classes are expensive and rather out of the way!) whenever possible.

    i just am not happy with the way i look, i am rather pleased with my overall shape but i need lots of toning. rock climbing is helping loads but i think i just lack motivation. why can't there be motivational pills to make you awnt to work out. but that's the thing...i do want to work out i just don't want to travel to and from my workout place of choice. i've just tried so many different kinds of exercises and struggled consistently because i have asthma that gets triggered if i try to run or get out of breath in any way and it's so frustrating!!!

    okay i rambled a lot but i just needed to set out a plan. i am going to change and hopefully start to like the person in the mirror instead of wanting to avoid mirrors at all costs.

    yeah. sorry i rambled i couldn't help it.
  2. you can do it! ;)
  3. Starting now is a great beginning! :tup::tup:
  4. I wish there was such a thing as motivational pills too!

    Oh, and...YOU CAN DO IT! :upsidedown:
  5. I've read other posts from you and I think we're like, the same person. I've struggled my whole life with body image issues (also due to childhood issues of being told I'm not good enough) and I definitely feel you on how crappy it is to try to eat healthy when there isn't a lot of money.

    I've started working out, too and it really does help with the self esteem/body image issues, even if I don't see the scale changing. Good luck! Oh, and you can definitely do it!
  6. man thats how i feel, motivation is not my strong point! and YOU CAN DO IT! lol
  7. life is YET AGAIN conspiring against me. my new year's resolution was to get fit and change my lifestyle but before i could begin someone cloned my debit card and spent over £700. so i couldn't afford to go to my climbing gym or do anything (and i never work out at home despite my best intentions), i got my money back on friday and began my workout plan on monday. but on monday i also accidentally burned myself with hot water and now am suffering with a 2nd degree burn on my right breast. so exercising has YET AGAIN been put on hold while i try to heal.

    i just can't win!! :sad::sad::sad:
  8. Oh, no Sara! Hope things get better for you soon.
  9. it's just really frustrating. like no matter how much i want to make my life better everytime i try something horrible happens and i remain in exactly the same place i was before
  10. You have to focus on positive thoughts! It sounds totally cheesy.. but always look to find the good in a situation. If you upper body can't be worked out then, you can try and do squats or something with your legs. The more you hold positive thoughts close to your heart the more positive things will always happen to you. Again, I know this sounds cheesy, but trust me it works. Even a 30 min walk a day with a friend makes a huge improvement on mood and body! Promise!

    And seriously... you CAN do this! PM me if you need more inspiration to just do get out there and do it! Now go... ya! GO!