okay..I'm getting a new bag this week...help!!!!

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  1. I've narrowed it down to these 2 bags....the BH or the Mini Lin Speedy?? Does the BH get soft and squishy after time?? When I tried it on in the store, it seemed so stiff and kinda structured. Maybe because its new and nothing was in it. Help me pleaseeeeeeee!!! I keep going back and forth with these bags. :shrugs: :confused1: :heart:
  2. I like BH
  3. i love my bh but the mini lin speedy rocks (as does the mini lin samur. sigh)
  4. The Batignolles gets very soft and supple. It's a great bag!
  5. yup, BH gets soft, but so does the Mini Lin speedy
  6. Wow, tough choice! I say....um...well, gosh...BH!
  7. BH - yes it will soften up... great bag!!!! I love mine!!! And buy a cute purse charm to hang off the front of the BH. Good luck!
  8. i love my BH
  9. i'd get the Batignolles Horizontal. it's very roomy, and very comfortable as a shoulder bag. and yes, it will soften up eventually
  10. I love my BH!
  11. I think the bh is such a classy bag!
  12. Bh!
  13. I'm partial to the Speedy... LOL But... I'd still choose BH because it's Mono canvas and (to me) easier to care for than the Mini Lin.
  14. Bh!
  15. Mini Lin!!