Okay, I'm an idiot...

  1. I thought my work bag was weird because there was this knot tied to the handle, but actually it was the mirror!!

    Now, what am I suppose to do with the mirror? I'm not planning to use it, but I don't seem to be able to get it out? the knot at the end of the tassles were very tight and I'm not sure if i am suppose to drag the thing out thru the tiny space??
  2. hey fayewolf hehehe, thats so cute... the mirror just popped up to SUPRISE you! hehehe... ummm, unfortunately i dont have any suggestions on how to get the mirror off because i've kept the mirror on all my b-bags so far... SORRY!!! but im sure someone will come along VERY soon to help you out!!! ***hugs***
  3. Faye,
    The knots on the mirrors are always tied tight. Work at it with your fingernails slowly and you'll get it untied. What I do is place the mirror, extra tassles and other paperwork inside a ziploc bag and I store them inside the dust bag while I'm carrying the bag.
  4. i don't usually use my mirror either. as roo suggested, i would untie the knot carefully and stow the mirror away along with the paperwork and tassles.

    edited to add: you could always keep the mirror in the front pocket as well.
  5. Thanks Roo!!

    Where am I suppose to find the extra tassles? I don't see them. Since this is an old season bag, will they be out of it?

    I'm SO gonna try your lubriderm method tomorrow!
  6. Yup, that's what I do too. I always just take the mirror off (un-do knot and all) and leave it wrapped in some of that soft white paper that comes in the box and just leave it there, along with the extra tassles and tags.

    Lol! Glad it was just the mirror. Case solved:smile:) I was a bit unsure at first why you would have a knotted up tassel, when I read your other thread.
  7. Every new bag should have the extra tassels, regardless of whether it's a past season bag. Have u checked in then inside pocket? If not, check the outside pocket as well as dig around inside the bag itself.
  8. check in the outside pocket too ;)
  9. i've always wondered what to do with my mirror too. Do most people leave it on or take it off?
  10. Thanks girls! I found all my paperwork and extra tassles! :smile:
  11. I love the mirror! I usually have it dangling on the inside of the bag. I love being able to take it out (as opposed to digging in my makeup pouch for my compact) and look to see if there's any food in my teeth. haha.